NIV Leviticus 23.9

Verse Leviticus 23.9

Offering the Firstfruits9 The Lord said to Moses,

Verse Leviticus 23.Offering The Firstfr

Izel Barrow opinion on Verse Leviticus 23.Offering The Firstfr

If you are going to claim that you are good christain, and a child of God, you must be able to show it in your character and attitudes that you are one, and can be testified to. Not when you do all your things to display or show in the public places that you are a christain, there are certain things called fruits, through which you will be known. Fruits of the Spirit are the virtues that are installed in you, as soon as you become a believer, and have left the ways of evil and darkness behind to live a life of godly living. God is One who sees the hearts of every man, and there is nothing that can be possibly hidden from Him, so He can see the intentions behind the things that all do. He watches the motives, and know when they are from hypocrisy or not, and so it is not possible to deceive Him because He is a different Being, not the same as humans. You can find a way to deceive fellow men, family members, friends and mates, but you can not do so with the Supreme Father when you have something that is buried in you.

After being washed in the Blood of the Lamb, away of every stain, that moment marks the start of your journey with your Maker, and which must be exciting in the real sense. In Leviticus chapter 23, the Lord continued to reveal things to the children of Israel through Moses, the man who was used to bring them to the Presence of Jehovah. As they moved from one place to another place, they had the knowledge about what were expected of them, when they furthered with their leaders who showed them the Way. In verse three of that part of the Scripture, they were reminded of the Sabbath day which they had to keep holy, without any restriction, a day set aside for rest from works. God after creating all things in the creation story, rested on the seventh day, as He finished with Adam, the man on the sixth day, the last for the works.

Working for them was a necessary thing because laziness was not a behavior that was tolerated among them, they all had their duties to God, their families or tribes and then Israel. Here, you have to see the origin of the attitude of giving in Faith, one important thing is that you must be aware of, which of course many have failed to do. First fruits in the ancient times were not the same as tithes and offerings, the custom required them to bring their first yields totally to Him. Tithes are a little different, in that they are to be calculated based on giving a portion out of ten portions, this was a direct thing that Malachi spoke about in his visions. Offerings can be understood to be normal giving which you must give to the House of God, the poor, the less privilege ones and those who really need the funds.

All these must be kept in accordance to the Words of the Lord, and they open the doors of blessings to those who do them diligently, without hypocrisy.

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