NIV Leviticus 23.3

Verse Leviticus 23.3

The Sabbath3 "‘There are six days when you may work, but the seventh day is a day of sabbath rest, a day of sacred assembly. You are not to do any work; wherever you live, it is a sabbath to the Lord.

Verse Leviticus 23.The Sabbath3 

Zach Hadley opinion on Verse Leviticus 23.The Sabbath3 

We learn that Lord said that we should not work as Sabbath day. The bible says that nobody is allowed to do so being a holy day that is supposed to be respected. There are those who might think that the Sabbath day was on a different day as you will find there are thosevfew that will urge about it. Some will say that it's on Sunday while others will say it was to be on Saturday though there is a verse that support the specific day saying that the Sabbath should be on Saturday. These doesn't matter most what matter is it we do obey and make this day holy.

It's a day set a part for the Christians to rest to gather in churches to praise the Lord. Though you find there are those who will keep the day holy nut will still stay at home. It is well as Lord says that as long as the Sabbath is kept holy then it's ok these is by not working on that day. We learn that as Christians the 5th day should be well spent by making sure that things that could have been done on Sabbath are done on 5th day of week. These will ensure that as Christians we obey lords command and Lord in heaven will be happy watching us doing the right.

Christian sabbath day of rest is Sunday as the early generations of Christians attended the Eucharist very early on the Sunday morning the day of Resurrection and the day when the Spirit was outpoured at Pentecost. However up until about 320 Sunday was a working day in Roman Empire. It was Constantine who made the Christian day of Eucharist into a day of no work.

To avoid God's anger we are told by God readings that we should not do any work. Though bible says that you can only work if you are about to save a life. Therefore we see that you can take sick to the hospital or treat the patients. Then we are that doctors are not asked to leave their work on Sunday. Thry should continue working as them are saving lives of the sick. Where Lord accepts them to do but it's good for them to find time to go to church lord want us to seek him always and create time for him.

As Christians one day is enough for us to go to church to serve the Lord. Then blessings will be upon us as nobody would come out of his temple without being blessed. The idea that believers are to keep one or more days holy, set apart for rest, worship, prayer, and the gathering of the Body of Christ. But we do have some liberty by the prompting of the Holy Spirit and our Christian conscience as to which days they will be. Many faithful Christians consider Sunday to be holy, and will not violate their conscience by working, shopping, or playing sports on that day of the week. But others feel compelled to worship differently, and that is fine by Paul’s teaching in Romans

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