NIV Leviticus 9.22

Verse Leviticus 9.22

22 Then Aaron lifted his hands toward the people and blessed them. And having sacrificed the sin offering, the burnt offering and the fellowship offering, he stepped down.

Verse Leviticus 9.22 Then Aaron Lifte

Cyrus Kline opinion on Verse Leviticus 9.22 Then Aaron Lifte

From the verse we are told that for the sinners had to being them to him. We see from the verse that Aaron lifted his hands it means that Aaron was a good servant who would turn to God for blessings. As from the verse we are told that God will make us live to praise him as we see servant of God who was a helper of God's people. It means that God is always with Aaron even when he's down God is there to lift him up as a servant then a leader of God's people. Sin offering we are told that Aaron was in charge of them

The verse tell us that God is good where the quality of being good is that of going beyond what is right, beyond what is just beyond what is required. God existed throughout all past eternity with no one else before he decided to create. Aaron's fair made him to bring burnt offering to all priests that was in that temple of God. As we see that burnt offerings are to be taken to priests like Aaron's.

Almighty God is good as he allowed Satan to torture his most faithful follower in order to win a bet. It’s all good because God is, by definition, the source of all goodness. And you’d better agree with him or else he’s likely to wish you into the cornfield.

When you may be at your absolute worst, unlovely and unlovable, yet God, who is love, still doesn’t stop loving us nor does as Gods love towards us diminish one iota. What kind of love is this that is so far beyond any natural human love? It’s the love of our Father that He has for us, Lords own creation, the sons and daughters of His love.

God is good just as all the stories mentioned in the Holy Bible ended like wicked is punished and righteous is blessed. This tells us that God is just as when a person has the complete picture of a story then only. Then you can say whether a particular character of that story is good or evil. When one gets blessed by God, he calls God as good. If you gets cursed by God, you calls God as evil. But the truth God is good to give us chances and just to judge us by your motives.Some think that Christian God is evil because Lord threatens that without embracing Jesus Christ everyone will be thrown into Hell.

We see that God is good for the things that he's doing for us all in these verse we are told how Lord will always he'll be good. The verse tell us that as Christians we should be like God as we are made in bier own likeness. Those people that do good are then encouraged to continue serving Lord with good. Vers says that lord is good as the verse describes he'll be ways good to those that love the word of God.

On this there were a total of seven different types of sacrifices (not including the mincha offering brought together with them), offered for at least a dozen different reasons. Focusing only on those that were brought by individuals (as opposed to those that were brought on behalf of the community as a whole). The ones that were offered in order to atone for misdemeanors are the sin offering and the guilt offering only. The burnt offering was brought for other reasons altogether.

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