NIV Luke 8.2

Verse Luke 8.2

2 and also some women who had been cured of evil spirits and diseases: Mary (called Magdalene) from whom seven demons had come out;

Verse Luke 8.2 and Also Some Wom

Isabela Davenport opinion on Verse Luke 8.2 and Also Some Wom

Ever since God cursed man in the garden of Eden, humans are faced by many fears, ailments are the major worries that humans face. Not only diseases, people are also worried about demonic powers that cause destruction to man. From the verse an assurance is given that Jesus's blood has the power to eradicate all this consequences of since. When we you call unto his name, when you seek him in truth and spirit. For sure He will come to your rescue.

Despite the extent of your blood, regardless of your sins Jesus will was your sins to be white as snow. In this century, we are faced by many diseases such as cancer and HIV/AIDS. We've lost numerous lives to this monsters just because you forget that you have Jesus Christ. But as much as we need help, we must call unto the name of the Messiah and seek help. From the verse, Magdalene was healed because she was at Jesus gathering. Likewise, you must seek Jesus's presence in order to receive you healing. In order for you to receive your miracle you need to walk in the ways of Jesus Christ our Savior.

Magdalene had seven devils within her and she was suffering for a long time. She had no idea how she could be healed but by the will of Jesus she was healed. Maybe you are suffering because of the demons that have held you hostage. You are tormented by black magic, you are an hostage of the world of darkness. Jesus needs you to go unto him and receive you miracle. He wants to deliver you from slavery and offer you freedom. Christ wants you to receive you miracle, he wants you to unto Him and receive your miracle.

Most be people when asked what are their worries, some of them won't fail to mention satanic related worries. The devil wants you to be worried, he wants you to be ever afraid of him. But you should not forget that our Lord offered His only son that whoever believed in Him would not perish but gain an eternal life. Don't worship the devils because you are afraid of him. All your to do is to believe in Jesus Christ our Lord and savior.

During His missions, Christ walked around the cities of Israel healing the sick. Today you you can't find Jesus preaching in the streets as in the old days. He left as an helper the Holly Spirit meaning we are ever connected with Christ. Amidst all challenges such as sickness and worries about our enemies, don't forget to call upon your Savior. He offered hiss life for you definitely he wants you to experience a good part of life. Christ doesn't want you to suffer instead He wants you to prosper and experience a good and amazing life.

So the verse is giving as an assurance that our problems are well taken care off when we invite the Lamb of God to our lives. You should not be afraid when sickness strike you if you have the Messiah in your life.

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