NIV Mark 7.18

Verse Mark 7.18

18 "Are you so dull?" he asked. "Don’t you see that nothing that enters a person from the outside can defile them?

Verse Mark 7.18 

Anson Patton opinion on Verse Mark 7.18 

This verse may be talking about causes of defilement in terms of what is within and without our bodies. It is evident here that causes of damage could come from inside us but not from external sources. We should therefore be very careful of what we say or think because we can either build or demolish with our mouths and hands as well. The Bible says that from the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. Therefore whatever we speak out is an indication of what fills our hearts. Never speak to please people but rather say meaningful and words of hope to others.

The Lord also cautions us to be aware that we shall be judged even for words we speak. Our hearts and minds are the sources of everything we utter and so before speaking anything, it is advisable to listen to your inner soul and ask whether it's good or not. By doing this, we ensure that whatever comes out of our mouths is not harmful to anyone listening to is. The tongue no matter how small it is can bless or even curse. It is therefore wise to consult our spiritual being so that we may speak words with blessings.

Since no one knows about tomorrow, the best Way to get there safe is by ensuring other people's safety as well. To do this, simply treat others better than yourself just like Jesus did on earth. Humbling ourselves is another key factor to achieve moral uprightness. The benefit of this is that the Lord comes and lifts us even in the presence of our enemies. Every action done is a result of internal thinking which is manifested in a physical manner. For instance, whatever goes into the body gets it way out after a short while but things already inside take long to end.

In another instance, there are other several scenarios that may relate to the above argument. For example, an atom has a central part called nucleus which is the source of energy to that element. Similarly, our brains and hearts are responsible for the manufacture of every product which comes out of the body. Controlling our thoughts can therefore moderate how we behave as well as speaking. We should use our thoughts to think how awesome the Lord is and our mouths to praise and worship Him for all He does to us.

Rather than speaking up carelessly, we could better meditate the law of the Lord which is the secret to success. Viewing success in various dimensions, it might mean standing firm in a Godly way and changing other people's lives so that they may draw to salvation. If we could focus on the Lord's work like the way we put effort in other activities, then our lives would totally change. Abounding in the Lord's grace should be our daily prayer and God would be glorified in us. To overcome sin and temptations is our mandate and we can win this battle if we put God first in everything we do.

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