NIV Mark 9.3

Verse Mark 9.3

4 And there appeared before them Elijah and Moses, who were talking with Jesus.

Verse Mark 9.4 And There Appeare

Zaniyah Ingram opinion on Verse Mark 9.4 And There Appeare

The verse which has caused a lot of debate among Christendom is Mark 9 verse 3. Some said the disciples saw wrong but there can't be a fallacy in the account of more than one person. I would personally say that what the disciples saw was real. This can be called biased as I am a Christian and a strong believer of the word of God. What the disciples discovered was real and it is so symbolic in Christendom.

Jesus Christ was praying when the transfiguration happened on the mountain. This is no coincidence and I think they came to do two things in particular. The first is that they came to prove that Jesus was really the son of God. Both Moses and Elijah were believed to live in God's glory and are very good representatives of the old testament. They could have chosen to stay in heaven but their coming down is a great sign that Jesus is indeed the son of God. Also, a voice from heaven, which is believed to be God's, said Jesus is his beloved son and gave an instruction that we should listen to him. This calls for a 'why'?

Why did God command that we should listen to him? Also in the presence of Moses and Elijah? Peter gave the explanation to this in second Peter chapter two verse sixteen forward that the scenario is actually symbolic and that it is simply stating one fact that is general in the scriptures about Jesus Christ – that He is the explanation of the scriptures. Jesus said he came to rectify the law and the law was made by Moses. Apparently, God's instruction with Moses there simply means that Jesus is the explanation for the law. His changes in the law are actually right because God is actually explained through Jesus. Peter was only able to interpret this with the help of the Holy Spirit who is perfected by Christ's death.

Curiously, we are wondering what Elijah is doing in that scene as he wasn't a lawmaker or anything related. Why was he there? Remember that both existed in the old testament days and have strong significance during their days on Earth. Elijah was a great prophet of the old testament and some called him the greatest prophet of the old testament. This might be true, but seeing that he made no law during his day, his presence there might not be necessary. Second Peter chapter 1 verse 20 states explain this part well.

All the prophets in the old testament gave prophecies under the influence of the holy spirit. Peter did explain that the prophecies are all talking about Christ. In summary, Christ is the explanation for prophecies. Everything prophesy existing had a single meaning – Christ. With that in mind, we can now say that the presence of Elijah was quite important at the mountain of transfiguration.

Conclusively, Jesus is the explanation of the old and new testaments – the law and the prophecies. This had to be verified by God himself in the presence of both Moses and Elijah to the disciples for the world to know.

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