NIV Matthew 10.26

Verse Matthew 10.26

26 "So do not be afraid of them, for there is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known.

Verse Matthew 10.26 

Cecily Odell opinion on Verse Matthew 10.26 

Have you experienced a situation where 'you were busily searching for something but couldn't find it'? This happens to almost everyone. It's certain that people would want to have a happy life full of good events only, but does this hold always? That can't be. Life is full of ups and downs which 'you won't be able to skip' as long as you're alive. That won't be a good idea since even 'our failures' paves a way for the success stories ahead of "us". There are moments that these challenges we're going through scares 'us' becoming what 'we dream of' since 'we develop the mindset that these problems are too huge'.

It's true that there will be more of these obstacles at every level in life, but in all things know that there will surely be a way out. You'll not be left alone if 'you rely on God' since 'His protection will always remain with you'. Be more focused on what's ahead not 'the things that destruct you' while you're on your way. Life can be compared to hiking in 'the forest', those obstacles on your way aren't necessarily what matters. What is required of 'you is to pay maximum attention your set goals then do well to accomplish them. As a believer, what are your goals? A company owned and managed by yourself, building church to promote God's work?

No problem is too big for 'you to accept defeat', you're an overcomer who cannot be taken down by some level of difficulty. Be more concentrated on 'the tasks waiting for your administration' in order to succeed. You've got all of these 'and you're well equipped for these challenges immediately you're on God's side since you'll benefit from 'His divine protection and favor' which are in abundance to everyone ready for them. Getting saved is free of charge 'and does not require any complicated approach'. We're "you in an act that you'll want to put an end to them"?

That's where the whole journey starts from for non believers to start moving on with God through Jesus Christ. People are usually frightened becoming followers of Jesus Christ because they think they'll be surrounded by problems. Be a believer who's opened to whatever comes their way because they have faith in God. God is greater than sufferings in the form of disease, poverty, or death, so don't be afraid when these challenges are knocking on your door. When these problems come your way, don't think of any other solution but God's name.

During problems that wipes away your joy, reach out to God through His dear son Jesus Christ. Don't panic, fear isn't what you're made up of since these problems will flee away if God is on your side. With God, all hidden treasures will be revealed to "you" that will make your finances be restored. Your employment will be restored with better salary that will exceed your imaginations. Be humble and stay calm, your patience then perseverance is highly recommended.

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