NIV Matthew 10.4

Verse Matthew 10.4

4 Simon the Zealot and Judas Iscariot, who betrayed him.

Verse Matthew 10.4 Simon The Zealot

Briar Ware opinion on Verse Matthew 10.4 Simon The Zealot

Have you been in a situation that even a friend wasn't willing to help you out because they think "they can't since they've been given money to cause those troubles you're going through"? This is what happened to Jesus. Among the difficult challenges that may come your way, one that may hurt so much is your friend taking money from another to get 'you into a very difficult problem'. Here you'll be left to think so much about why your friend couldn't consider 'the love you' have to them then reject what 'they received to bring those sufferings upon you without even thinking of how it hurts'.

People go through excessive problems with lots of challenges that makes them fully ready to do whatever it takes to get out of 'them'. For such people, killing a family member is even worth it provided they'll get out of their troubles. Considering that, you'll know how easier it will be for them to betray "you for something that will bring them" riches. Poverty can cause more harm that are beyond expectations since one can decide to hurt millions of people just to ensure that there's more to eat and enough to spend on clothing then shopping.

Those involved in armed robbery used to be good 'people' who were even cowards. They had no idea concerning how to even pull a trigger but now, they've become more aggressive then brave enough to take lives only to have more money for their personal needs. A person may be dreaming now of becoming a doctor who would save more lives to bring happiness in 'the lives of many families'. These same people might not have enough money to settle bills in school. Due to this they're easily forced to get out of school to work in minor jobs that will require lots of hours a day but pays very less for a month.

What do 'you think if these people get involved in bad company' who steal from rich business personnels to get rich quickly within some few minutes? Good question. Their dreams now turn from saving lives to taking them, which is mainly due to 'the fact that they' couldn't get much support. These supports are usually in "the form of money then proper counseling from parents 'or' guidance". It could be that their parents are aware of what their wards are doing, but since they're benefiting from those money too making life flexible, they won't complain too.

This continues till their wards are arrested and jailed for their bad actions. Even with this, it's a high privilege since others are killed instantly when "they decide to fight back to police through gunshots. Others are beaten up mercilessly when caught by people in societies which may result in death if police don't get there early. Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus not because he didn't love Jesus but it was because money was given out to 'him to persuade Judas Iscariot'. Due to 'the money he was given, Judas Iscariot could remember the' teachings Jesus gave to them.

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