NIV Matthew 1.11

Verse Matthew 1.11

11 and Josiah the father of Jeconiah[c] and his brothers at the time of the exile to Babylon.

Verse Matthew 1.11 and Josiah The F

Nikola Dixon opinion on Verse Matthew 1.11 and Josiah The F

Matthew begins with the children and parents of people from whom Jesus came from. There were several people who were not recognized as popular but since Jesus Christ came from their generation, they're now recognized too. That's how life may be in several occasions, so don't discourage on others. In high schools, most students encounter the situation where they're made to feel like they're not enough. Their friends may discourage on them because their parents have low capital to take care of their needs, so they may laugh at these victim's uniforms and other items which might look old on them.

When 'we come across' such people from poor homes, what you shouldn't think of is to treat them as a 'thrush'. Let them rather understand that where they're coming from shouldn't necessarily determine where they'll be in the future. We've all got a future to live which depends largely on 'our efforts', and not necessarily 'the businesses waiting for you' to take over them. There are students who developed "the mindset that they" won't take their studies serious. These students might lose those opportunities when their parents get to know about their ward's mindset through their performance.

There is a higher possibility of those people you're teasing becoming "the best 'people' in our" society. These students are those that enter into the health centers, financial management institutions then other top institutions that are highly recognized in "a country". Will 'you prefer to treat them bad now, then run away or hide from their face when 'you notice' they've succeeded, and you're only struggling even with your parent's business that you're managing. See everyone as "people" who are capable of doing great things provided they're always working harder to achieve their set goals.

Before Jesus Christ, there were "people" whose names wouldn't have appeared in Matthew chapter 1 downwards. Be sociable to serious "people" who come from poor homes too since especially when you're from a rich family. God is capable of choosing anyone to be in any position, and that might require your efforts too since God usually chooses hardworking "people" over lazy ones. Imagine God who is the owner of all riches being for someone "you see as poor now", what do you think will happen in future? There's no doubt that "these people". Be patient with how 'you talk to people', and avoid judging others based on their current situation.

In God's plan, wealthy 'people' are these to be of help to "poor people", but what do 'we see now'? Though some rich business men who extend help to their friends then neighbors in need. Be careful with how "you treat friends especially in school" since that's where life mostly starts. When you've any help that you'll be willing to give to a colleague, don't hesitate to do so. Some may think they're still not having enough so there's no need to give out now but understand that giving to cater for "the poor then needy", you'll surely have more in return.

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