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Verse Matthew 11.20

Woe on Unrepentant Towns

Verse Matthew 11.Woe On Unrepentant T

Braelyn Elliott opinion on Verse Matthew 11.Woe On Unrepentant T

The book of Mathew contains the teachings of Jesus and what he performed. He talked about the coming of John the Baptist and the things that he had done. Jesus told the people that John the Baptist had risen so highly yet, he that is least in the kingdom of God is still greater than him. This is after a person had been sent to ask Jesus if He was the Messiah that had been prophesied. He then went ahead to tell the people how the had compared Him with John the Baptist and judged him for interacting with sinners.

In the verse Mathew 11:20 Jesus said woe unto those who didn't repent. This showed that the people had sinned against God and needed to repent. They had been more focused on Jesus's interaction with the sinners that they had forgotten that actions speak better than words. It was their actions that mattered before God and they would be charged according to their actions. The words by Jesus was a warning to the people, reminding them that they were supposed to repent.

To repent means to seek forgiveness of sins or regret sinning against God. This means that Jesus wanted the people to be in good terms with God by asking for forgiveness from him. It shows the importance of forgiveness as there are always consequences of sinning. This encourages Christians to always repent too when they sin against God. It will help them grow in their relationship with God and be of confidence even while preaching the gospel.

The words also display the love of Jesus for his followers. He loved them enough to warn them about those who don't repent. Jesus knew the wrath of God and what He could do to the towns that sinned continuously against him without asking for forgiveness. Therefore, he saw the need to address the people and warn them about their sinning. He didn't want them to suffer for their sins or to miss seeing the kingdom of God. The verse also encourages Christians that God loves them so much and would do anything to help his people.

This verse reminds all Christians of the importance of repentance. Just like the towns that he was addressing had to repent, it is the same way Christians should repent either as a community or on a personal level. They should not overlook their sins and forget to go back to God with remorseful hearts. God always forgives those who ask for forgiveness from him, if he sent his son to die for the forgiveness of the people's sins then want more can he not do?

Repenting brings Christians closer to God and renew their relationship with God even making it stronger than God. It also shows the love that a person has for God, that he can go back to ask for forgiveness from him when he does wrong. Therefore, it pleases God to repent, such that he will not pour his wrath on you or withdraw his blessings from you. All Christians should, therefore, learn to repent to avoid the anger of God that comes with sinning.

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