NIV Matthew 15.16

Verse Matthew 15.16

16 "Are you still so dull?" Jesus asked them.

Verse Matthew 15.16 

Jayce Daly opinion on Verse Matthew 15.16 

Have you encountered a situation where a teacher asked a question and expected an 'answer from you' but failed to give out the correct answer? Don't worry, it happens to almost everyone. You may or may not be good at a subject or topic but that won't guarantee that you'll always have your answers matching what is expected. There are moments that you'll get some concepts wrong making them unacceptable for good grades. Students most often feel that they've been discouraged for what 'they intend to do since their teachers point out their failure more than encouraging them that 'they can do better'.

See every correction as a necessary tool that is intended to make 'you successful' since if you're unable to know what people see about yourself, you'll not be able to correct those that needs to be changed. At times, they'll hurt so much that we'll even develop hatred for those who tell 'us' when we're wrong since we'll develop 'the mindset that, they're the' people who would want to see 'us fall'. That might not be the case, knowing what people think about your actions contribute a lot to your success stories. We're full of mistakes which we may not be 'the right people to know them'. kl;kasdf

Those around 'us' are 'the best people' to know more about these bad acts or behaviors. Listen to what they've got to say without letting any of them hurt you, it could be that you'll find some of them teasing then unfavorable but see then as good. You'll need to know more about yourself before 'you can get to the' level you've been dreaming of all day. Imagine if you're able to know about what kicks 'people away from you' then work towards them to make sure they're sorted out. From there, you'll be able to please more than first since you'll need "people to make your business grow".

A good leader is one who doesn't joke with 'people' since 'they understand that without them' there will be less to achieve as a goal. Your goods or services will need buyers in order to increase sales, so your interaction with customers will tell whether there will be more sales 'or otherwise'. Don't think you'll be able to do it alone all by yourself since that will only be possible to some extent, advice in 'the form of insult' though isn't favorable, should still be considered. When "you succeed in accepting all views that friends, mates, neighbors, members of 'our family', say to 'us' we'll get to realize that there's more improvement.

In school, you will find out that, since 'you starting accepting others views being it in the form of insult 'or anything you found unfavorable', your performance will start to change for the better. Grades in various subjects will begin to rise beyond expectations since those advice are what kept you up to work on your weakness to make sure you're strong enough to stand in examinations. Jesus realized that there was 'the need to let people realize there's more to know about' so he asked a question to draw their attention.

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