NIV Matthew 22.11

Verse Matthew 22.11

11 "But when the king came in to see the guests, he noticed a man there who was not wearing wedding clothes.

Verse Matthew 22.11 

Jacari Starks opinion on Verse Matthew 22.11 

This verse rotates at a time when Jesus was performing his teaching in form of a parable. Parable can be defined as a tool or style used in teaching especially with a hidden meaning. There are various reasons as to why Jesus used parable during his teaching. It was the common teaching style used during that time which people were able to understand easily. Some of the teaching of Jesus had direct relation with people in authority and that made Jesus to use parable just to void conflicts with the authority. Leaders in the church should apply any mean that will enable people to understand the word of God and keep it in their heart. Teaching is challenging and now in order to make people capture or understand what you are teaching them it is important you use the things they are familiar with.

In the verse what Jesus was making people understand was about the kingdom of the heaven. Jesus used a feast to describe to the people about invitation to enter into the kingdom. The verse is telling us that a certain king had organizes party wedding party for his son. He had invited men honorable guests who were to attend the ceremony. This shows that it was a great feast and it was not to be attended by ordinary people by only the invited guest. The kingdom of God is open to us and we are now welcomed to go and feast there. This is the time to we should go and have a feast because the ceremony is now ready for us.

Now we are invited for the feast but majority of us are not ready to show up for the ceremony. It is important for us to know that very soon God will be angry with us and destroy us totally. Now it is upon us as Christians to decide if we are going to attend the ceremony or we are going to wait for the destruction.

When the invited guests refused to show up for the feast the word is telling us that the king instructed his servant to go and welcome any one they find in the street. It took only a few moments and the whole place was filled with people. Now this shows that if the invited one refuses to turn up God is going to open up the ceremony for anybody to attend. The verse is also telling us that just as king was walking around he come across and found one man who had no wedding clothes. He asked him what he was doing there and went ahead and instructed the man to be thrown away in the dark. It was a clear indication that the man was not it for the ceremony.

We now know as Christians that not all who are welcomed are fit for the kingdom of God. It is upon us now to make ourselves fit so that we avoid been thrown out of the ceremony.

The servants who are sent to call us re the church leaders and pastors. They are calling us every day and telling us that the feast is now ready and we should go and celebrate. Majority of us are rejecting them and going on our normal life routine. There is others who are even killing the servants of God for what they are telling us. The warning is now send to us we are given the first chance to attend the fest but we are rejecting the opportunity and even going ahead and mistreat who were sent. Now we need to be careful as Christians so that we avoid the coming punishment from the lord.

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