NIV Matthew 23.13

Verse Matthew 23.13

Seven Woes on the Teachers of the Law and the Pharisees

Verse Matthew 23.Seven Woes On The Te

Cory Stratton opinion on Verse Matthew 23.Seven Woes On The Te

One of the problems that affect people generally is bad leadership and control, seeing that those who have the duty to lead others in a particular area, are not doing well. In the religious area, a lot of people have been misled and lost, as a result of the kind of teaching that these teachers teach, not minding if they are doing good or not. God gave the tribe of Levi to be the overseer of priesthood before the assembly of the Israelites, performing sacrifices on their behalf, among other things. Priests were expected to be the middlemen between God and the nation, being the intercessor and mouthpiece of God, anytime He wants to speak to them. They did well in the days of the Moses and Aaron, but as the children of Israel continued to be corrupt, it was as if the corruption entered into the office.

Jesus warned the people to beware of false prophets and misleading leaders who would stand as a representative of God for them, and thereby, leading them astray. The two sons of Eli were also from the tribe, and they were expected to continue the duties that their aged father would eventually leave for them after death. Instead, they chose to act as unbelievers who disregarded God and the things of the temple, even after several warnings, they failed to repent and take care of the responsibility. Just like God cursed them, the father and the house, you can see that Jesus brought curses on them because they stood as enemies of the Words of the Most High. Pharisees and Sadducees held the highest priesthood positions, expected to teach people in the temple the laws of Moses and the commandments of God.

It is clear that He knew that they would not help those who were willing to be converted to being a believer, and Jesus likened them to a stumbling block on their way. They were not ready to believe Jesus, and they looked for ever possible way to make the multitudes see no reason why they should listen to Him. This is a message for all believers, that not everyone that is proclaimed a man of God, is going to help on the journey of faith. The leadership of the church has been corrupt, that you would not know the difference between a house of the worship of God and the streets. They have turned things upside down, right from those days, you can see that Jesus chased out by whip people buying and selling. It was not their fault really, they did that because they were allowed to do such a thing by the temple workers, probably there were commissions in for them.

The main lesson is for you to know who you believe in, no matter how hard it is, you need to keep on trusting and praying, till your joys would be full. God does not want you to suffer bad things in their hands because at the end of the day, many of them would be denied entering heaven. Jesus said he would deny them, even though they were overseers on earth, pastors, deacons and whatsoever, they would not be allowed to reign in glory.

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