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Verse Matthew 26.3

3 Then the chief priests and the elders of the people assembled in the palace of the high priest, whose name was Caiaphas,

Verse Matthew 26.3 Then The Chief Pr

Braulio Tucker opinion on Verse Matthew 26.3 Then The Chief Pr

It's obvious that in life you'll go through trials though which some will even judge 'you' in a wrong way just to make sure you've encountered a disgrace. There are people around 'us who are always waiting for us'to draw close to their traps so that we'll fall into them and become their slaves. While you'll be thinking of how to get to 'the top', there will be others who will be working on how exactly 'they can pull you' from your ladder. Though life is express but some may only find it interesting to make sure you're not succeeding instead of them focus on their life too.

Why do 'they find it interesting then necessary' to do these? It's simple, it's not because you've done them wrong or something similar to that. You'll be shocked that some times 'you'll get to know that these' people you'll be helping out will be "the same people" who will be striving daily to work out your defeat. There's one thing you're expected not to do here so that you'll cause a difference between such "people and" yourself. Don't be in a hurry to discover them so that "you may possibly punish them" for their offenses. Why are 'you not to concentrate more on this issue'? It will keep you busy for nothing since such 'people won't just come out for you' to know them easily.

Being a believer, what you're supposed to do is to be active in prayer, then to non believers who have not yet come to know more about "the salvation of Jesus Christ", there's still enough time for everyone. There's no effective way to fight back aside relying largely on prayer since prayers heal, protects then saves one from destruction. Why should this opportunity skip 'you', no! It will never do that but you've got an choice which is within a limited time to get saved. There are several hours ahead but it could be that you'll be able to experience few, salvation ends when you're dead and gone so make up your mind now not even tomorrow.

Jesus, though came to this world to be of much help to 'people including the' poor then needy. That's why these sick citizens of various countries were getting healed because they were "the major reasons of Jesus' coming into this world. Aside all these good deeds, there were still some citizens who weren't interested in Jesus saving others from sin by cleansing them from their disease. It was shocking to oh know that most of them were elders from "the church" who were rather to support good.

They though of how to get Jesus Christ, persecute him, then kill him, so 'they succeeded in capturing him' then from there "they began to force him to voice out something bad". There are times that "people you" will regard as good will be the ones wanting to see "you go wrong so that through what you" say, they'll be able to pull you down so easily.

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