NIV Matthew 27.6

Verse Matthew 27.6

6 The chief priests picked up the coins and said, "It is against the law to put this into the treasury, since it is blood money."

Verse Matthew 27.6 The Chief Priests

Ean Pacheco opinion on Verse Matthew 27.6 The Chief Priests

The deeds of a hopeless person, decided that they must acquire the cash, and maybe wishing that it could be a type of a compensation for his trespass. All this took place when Judas noticed that Jesus Christ was being convicted. Maybe Judas anticipated that Christ could amazingly rescue Himself away from His holders. And when Judas realized that Jesus was convicted, sorrow thrilled him, and then he went back unto his fellow culprits, the price of his disgrace.

The high priests received the silver coins away from the ground, later after Judas walked away. Nobody else dared to interfere with them, because in all others it could have been retrieved as blasphemy. And them being the appropriate people to watch out and place the money taken in the house of worship. For if not, their greedy nature could have made them to accept the cash. And they would tell each other, it was not right to place them in the treasure house. This was a room where the contributions for the services and repairs of the house of prayer were placed. And it was similar in such that, Jesus also observed the people putting in their money .

Josephus beheld, that was present, among the Jews, a religious treasure, which was known as corbonas. And it was the, room concerning the korban from which the Jews do mention. The justification the chief priests provided for it not being legal to place this money in the treasure house, or in some of the boxes inside the corban room. It was due to the cost of blood.

Therefore, they tensed towards a gnat, and gulped a camel. This was very possible, that they received this same money from the treasure house to purchase that blood with. And still hesitated to place it inside, having purchased it, and also, they had no doubt about pursuing for, and casting this guiltless blood, and still hesitated at placing this cash in the corban since it was the cost of it: operating on the similar reason like the rules do, shamming much faith, and great worship for religious pieces, whenever they did not make any sense of executing many fragitious sins.

The pretense of the high priests was very clear because they did not desire to corrupt themselves by the cost of blood, but this was a cost which they themselves paid up. Spiritual rulers treated their worker Judas terribly and tempters do not make good friends. Those that are Satan's mediums, to instruct, lure, or entice people in sin, will give them no support whenever they become troubled for all they have executed.

God had prohibited men to take the cost of a dog, or a harlot, in the house of prayer but they had understood all this for filthy benefit. The house of treasure, perhaps was the origin out of which the cash had been compensated to Judas, could be the native place to drop cash remaining in the church, although its usage as blood cash made it filthy. A cemetery itself is a filthy place and could be a proper use for it.

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