NIV Matthew 27.7

Verse Matthew 27.7

7 So they decided to use the money to buy the potter’s field as a burial place for foreigners.

Verse Matthew 27.7 So They Decided T

Davin Prescott opinion on Verse Matthew 27.7 So They Decided T

Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus just because he was greedy for money that he would be given after betrayal. He kissed Jesus and the officers took Christ so as they may crucify Him for in most cases He had condemned evil acts that people did at that time. Such people included leaders who never wanted to stop sinning hence they did away with son of the most high to ensure no warned them about their actions at any time. Having done such, they knew that they were free to now sin without any interference or being condemned by anyone putting in mind that they had done away with Christ.

After he betrayed Jesus, he was remorseful for he knew that the son of God was sinless and he had done a mistake. The next thing that he did was to tell those that had sent him that he did a mistake of pouring an innocent blood because the Messiah was innocent. They could not hear of this for them they had attained their target by arresting and crucifying Jesus. Being confused with how he betrayed his master, he gave back the money that he had been given for betrayal for he asked for forgiveness for the wrong that he had done.

Thereafter, he went and hanged himself for he could not bear continuing to live after planning for the death of there master. It really disturbed him and the only option that he had was to do away with his own life even without spending a single coin from the money. Money that he was given never helped him in any way for he chose to give it back to those who had given him for he regretted doing that to the son of God. Iscariot terminated his own life for could not bear even facing the other disciples of Christ whom he was with all the times.

Officers who had arrested Jesus knew that they were on the wrong sending someone to point an innocent person. The amount that they gave out was returned to them after the betrayer came to his senses regretting what he had done. These people opted to use the amount to buy land and not use in any other purpose for it was bloody money from an innocent person. Land was meant to bury the foreigners who died there hence making sure that the amount was put in use without mixing it with what they had initially.

Having taken the coins seemed a good idea for Iscariot until when he came to his senses. To him he had not thought about what was to happen after betrayal but later it hit him that he was on the wrong but could not do away with what he had done. Facing the other disciples was an uphill task for him and he could not hear that as well as being identified as the one who gave away Christ. With all these going on he thought committing another sin by doing away with himself would be a solution.

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