NIV Matthew 28.5

Verse Matthew 28.5

5 The angel said to the women, "Do not be afraid, for I know that you are looking for Jesus, who was crucified.

Verse Matthew 28.5 The Angel Said To

Rowdy Luna opinion on Verse Matthew 28.5 The Angel Said To

Jesus was dead, buried in the regions of the lost, his soul captured captive until he cried, Eloi Eloi lama sabachthani, which being interpreted means “My Lord My Lord why have you forsaken me?” All hope was gone, just like a river that has suddenly dried up, its bed leaving a dark reminder of its former glory as water rushed down its path. They, his disciples could have visited the dark gruesome tomb hopefully to find him but the son of God was gone without a trace. Coming down each day, hearts kept bleeding with sorrow for a man who deserved their love that much, cut off without a reason, just some unreasonable envy to put him to rest.

Imagine their only champion, felled down just like that while they watched, unable to do anything, their hands tied behind them with fear. It was painstakingly bad, but it had happened and each day they visited the tomb, their hope dried off all the more. But today another shock awaited them at the very source of this heartache when these women arrived at the tomb. An angel was waiting for them to break the news about his resurrection that morning as he had told them. Just when all hope was gone, the Lord God restored it again unexpectedly. This scripture under review is just the culmination of the news of his resurrection, arousing their hopes beyond words.

To understand the Bible you need to place the context correctly so that its message can make sense to people. These women in these scriptures are followers of Jesus who walked with Him when alive. Those events that happened that Friday was painful indeed to them and the loss was too great for them to bear. What this teaches, is that God knows how to endear people to things of God so much that nothing can separate them from His works once absorbed into them. The feeling of loss in these women drives them to desperately visit Jesus' tomb very often. Look at the goodness of the Lord, knowing how troubled His disciples are, he sends an angel to comfort them by announcing to them that Jesus has risen from the dead.

The lesson was laid to heart, and they subsequently maintained a purely defensive attitude about how the Lord had been crucified. so when these women heard that he rose from the dead, they were overjoyed. Another lesson here is the inability of your human mind to absorb any truth without taking it for granted. If these ladies had believed what Jesus had told them, they would not have come to seek for him here this Sunday morning because he was bound to fulfil his word if history is true. It goes to show that man does not believe God easily perhaps due to his weakness in accepting what God says. God does things in an unusual way as this scripture reveals, not because of the way.

Biblically speaking, THE lORD God fulfilled His promise to bring Jesus back to life again, something that has never happened before. He was now alive again even according to his word, a living testimony that God never fails. These women, being resilient in search of truth, confirmed the rising of the son of God. No one could now derail them from what had happened, knowing in their hearts that Jesus was alive again.

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