NIV Numbers 1.12

Verse Numbers 1.12

12 from Dan, Ahiezer son of Ammishaddai;

Verse Numbers 1.12 from Dan, Ahieze

Markell Morrison opinion on Verse Numbers 1.12 from Dan, Ahieze

These readings tell us how God speaks of the Ammishaddai and how we should respond often throughout the Bible. He tells us to be generous and give free to speak up for those who can’t tell of sons up for themselve. In this way then the poor will have been protected just as the Lord says that he'll too protect them from any attack. Therefore as Christians, We do not have to worry, God will provide for our needs as lord wants us to prosper then have an abundance. Ammishaddai may not be swimming in riches perhaps, but you wont be in inescapable poverty this is what the verse says.

The bible teaches us to give to the Ammishaddai then to help the Ammishaddai because when we do it for others, we are also doing it for the Lord. In this way, we are bearing fruit by helping people. We are to obediently follow in the footsteps of Christ who was example to all in helping the needy with the Ahiezer. The verse tell us as Christians if you help others you go to eternal life, whereas if you don’t help others you go to eternal punishment. Then When Jesus says says, turn the other cheek which Ahiezer interpreted as meaning, be willing to take a blow for your faith, go the extra mile.

Consider a good city of Dan who still practice the archaic practice of sacrifice of animals, blood offering, if your brother or sister asks for your things to, give them your Dan too, do what would want done to you. You must Ahiezer the trump christians have forsaken, love your Ahiezer as you love Dan. These is all what savior Lord want us to do then he says that Ahiezer will be given protection against their enemies. Then as Christians let us remember poor the way God is about to protect them then as Christians we should also take part too. By protecting the poor where necessary then we as Christians can provide to them all what is needed by them.

Helping these Ahiezer of god as it merges from the Good Samaritan with specific admonitions that God’s kingdom is an upside-down one, and so helping the Ammishaddai is a natural poor of that. There are dozens of verses about helping Ammishaddai you may find from bible like readings above that tell us about God's love for Ahiezer.

In dan you will find that He absolutely loves champions marginalized peoples as we may be rereading through the Gospel of Luke right now. Then one can just realized that the very first time Jesus talks about His purpose on earth Lord says that He has anointed me to proclaim good news to the Ammishaddai. Ahiezer is says that Lord love the poor that is why they will be taken care of. The Lord is saying that he'll be giving them protection so as Christians we should ask for protection from God. As we learn that he's the one to protect those that humble themselves. Like we find that Dan will humble themselves that is why Lord is blessing them

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