NIV Numbers 15.15

Verse Numbers 15.15

15 The community is to have the same rules for you and for the foreigner residing among you; this is a lasting ordinance for the generations to come. You and the foreigner shall be the same before the Lord:

Verse Numbers 15.15 The Community Is

Conrad Rowe opinion on Verse Numbers 15.15 The Community Is

Numbers chapter 15 verse 15. Before we proceed with my view, it is important that we read clearly in context. This will means from verse 1 of the chapter. My reason for this is because the Bible was not written in chapters and verses yet for a better read it will be good if we read from verses 14 through 16. With this in consideration, my view of the scripture will be just as literal as possible as it is written in the Bible. God factored in a situation where it is possible for strangers or migrants or those who are bought from other nation mostly into slavery and maybe freed much later to observe the ordinances of the Jews as prescribed by God to them. In any way such ordinances as outlined in the passage can be two which are the ordinances of sacrifice and that of the law all summed up in worship of God.

Prophetically speaking, and in a broader perspective, it is clear that this is a future invitation of the Gentile into the worship of God and God ensured that He stated this in clear terms. Like it is popularly said that the Old Testament is New Testament concealed and the New Testament is Old Testament revealed. This statement is a major player when it comes to the New Testament interpretation of this passage. It was the generous beckoning of God unto the gentiles that both the Jews and the Gentiles alike to dwell together in the Church of Jesus Christ. It was a breaking down of the middle wall of partition as outlined in the Epistle of Paul to the Church at Ephesus. God seriously took into consideration the entire world while He was giving the law and the prescription for worship to the Jews. He didn’t see the Jews and the Gentiles differently except for the law.

Moreover, God started with a man and then to family and to nation and then to the world at large. This is true with the way God started all out with Abraham, then to his family through Isaac and Jacob, then to the nation of Israel and to the entire world. So the progressive dealing of God with mankind was never done without the entire world in mind. The very essence of His dealing with mankind in the first place was and is to reconcile the world back to Himself. So in the template of His dealing especially when it comes to worship, God gave the ordinances to the Jewish nation of Israel with the entire world in view.

In any case, it was an ordinance for both Jews and those who will dwell with the Jews in their land and this is to be remembered forever until the Messiah comes and abolishes the method while prescribing the new and the main method of worship. In which case it will now be in the church of Jesus Christ comprising of Jews and Gentiles alike all headed up in Christ.

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