NIV Numbers 25.5

Verse Numbers 25.5

5 So Moses said to Israel’s judges, "Each of you must put to death those of your people who have yoked themselves to the Baal of Peor."

Verse Numbers 25.5 So Moses Said To

Renata Marshall opinion on Verse Numbers 25.5 So Moses Said To

There was a time when the Israelite's turned against God going against him by worshiping Baal. This behavior made Moses angry prompting him to converge a meeting of all the Judges across Israel. He instructed them to kill all those who were worshiping the Baal idol as a sign of asking for forgiveness from God. People had lost their track completely as they were busy worshiping unseen forces which is against God's commands.

During those days, judges were leaders who ensured that rules were followed to the latter. They were expected to lead the people in all aspects of life including religious spiritual life. Every tribe had a leader who was a judge. The people were expected to Accord maximum respect to their leader because he was their middle man with God through Moses as their religious leader.

Along the way, the Israelite's turned against God and started worshiping Baal idol believing that he was their true God. It was due to this practice that made Moses furious hence decided to call all the judges commanding them to put to death all worshipers of Baal. He did this in order to seek forgiveness from God so as to avoid a punishment that might befall the land. Here Moses wanted to remind them of their destiny and identity as a chosen race.

Moses is trying to show that there is only one God that is to be worshiped. Anybody going against God should be expelled among the people so as to avoid corporal punishment from God. As a chosen man of God, Moses was supposed to ensure that people were in line and ready to serve God as their only heavenly Father. He did this through the judges because they were the ones who were closer to the people.

As demonstrated above, Christians are expected to live as an example by serving the lord while exalting his name. They should be ready to use everything in their power to ensure that the name of God is given the respect it deserves. Religious leaders should be ready to fight Satan spiritually through prayers and reading the Bible. Christians are expected to lead like judges and show people the right way to follow.

It is only through leaders that we can seek God's forgiveness as a society. We should be ready to approach such leaders letting them understand that it's also their duty to make sure that Gods name is exalted. Leaders should take good actions that will ensure the society remains spiritually clean. They are chosen by God to ensure that his orders have been followed.

By putting to death all those who got involved with Baal, Moses demonstrated that loyalty should not be shared but given to God only. Being the chosen race, it is only appropriate if we worship God with all due respect. In return, God will give us his blessings while protecting us here on Earth. God will bless us through our leaders who have been put in charge to guide and show us the way.

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