NIV Numbers 3.41

Verse Numbers 3.41

41 Take the Levites for me in place of all the firstborn of the Israelites, and the livestock of the Levites in place of all the firstborn of the livestock of the Israelites. I am the Lord."

Verse Numbers 3.41 Take The Levites

Teagan Sampson opinion on Verse Numbers 3.41 Take The Levites

As sons of Israel are said to have been faithful to God that is why God is setting a room a side that will have to be occupied by sins of Levites as from Judah they needed some where to give then God provided shelters these are the rooms that no one was expected to go near that house. God made it holy to ensure that Levites will stay for long without any problem from other Israel. Some times you find that we may suffer while there is God and help but God says that for him he'll never let you remain homeless that's why add on what the bible says.

From the verse examples given are clear for any one to understand the will of God savior Christ who died for your sins. The rooms are said to have been faithful to God as they were devoted to those that were following the law of God. Just like Levites faith that made him walk throughout the faith of God without any fear. He was knowing that God will be with him all throughout as he'll be working for him savior Christ. God will be with you as a Christian when you face challenges then God want you to talk to him always so that you may have mercy on others. We learn that he is merciful to us as Christians we are to be within the working area for the tents that are made by God.

Livestocks that were facing north are said to be for the Israelites these are the sons of Levites. The northern room that is said to have been build for the guards of temples God is saying that as we follow Gods law then we should not go beyond Gods palace and these are the houses that are meant to be holy. With the guests of the things that may happen to you when alone and that is even you remember God.

God is making you to be the next leader to guard the livestock that is left to you. That is why you may be the one to observe the views that are done by others for your things to be great. When we shall overcome these then we may have to thanks almighty as you walk in that journey that's the way that is looked upon by others while seeking God. Than living in that room then there are sets of objects that we need to aim as from the verse.

Then we as Christians can come out from the regions with livestock as from the verse then follow what is in holy book of God. God is talking to each of you whose faith is still worth. Jerusalem was a holy first temple prophet who foretold of the end of First Temple and the Levites of Second Temple. Like Isaiah before him, both of these prophecies came true. He even wrote specifications for building the Second Temple, which occurred 55 years after his death; all these building plans were provided to him by Levites. Just the same way God gave specifications to Noach to build the Ark

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