NIV Numbers 7.56

Verse Numbers 7.56

56 one gold dish weighing ten shekels, filled with incense;

Verse Numbers 7.56 one Gold Dish We

Viktor Wilkes opinion on Verse Numbers 7.56 one Gold Dish We

Being rich is not a bad thing because it is God's blessing to us. Having a good reputation is built by your personality and it lasts for a life time. When a person is considered rich there are several attributes people look at. Many view it as having lots of material possession, peace of mind, good health, kids, or being rich spiritually.

In society people praise individuals with many possession than those with good reputation. They normally do not care how the wealth was acquired but only lust for the money. Currently, the success of somebody is not by how kind, loving and good deeds are but with the amount of wealth you have in possession. Nobody cares if you sacrificed another human live to acquire it or you oppressed the widowed and orphans to grab their possession as long as you can buy their silence. Humanity and love for the word of God has been lost because of selfishness, greed and being too ambitious. People have turned to be money worshipers and forgotten their fellow human beings.

Some have forgotten that it is God who gives wealth by looking for shortcuts. They further argue that God takes time to answer their prayers and had to look for an alternative to help themselves out. Later, these kind of people offer their bloody and dirty money as offerings to the holy sanctuary to receive God's blessings and forgiveness. A priest and congregation will definitely praise him for his generosity and responsibility towards the activities of the church but not God. People take advantage that God is forgiving and blind to see the source of their wealth. Because he is the Alpha and Omega he knows what is happen under the sun and below the sea, in the light and in darkness. Human beings can praise how benevolent you are in the house of the Lord because they may not know a lot about you or fear for their lives, save God.

He wants us to approach him with purity in our heart and whatever we choose to offer in his house as sacrifice. God wants sincerity in our hearts and does not need gold, silver or any form of wealth since he created them, he only needs your heart and you to be called his child. Dirty sacrifices make God angry and pour curses to our lineages but good deeds and following his commandments gives us eternal riches that cannot be bought by anything even precious metals. Leading a righteous life gives you inner peace, great comfort and a long lasting covenant with God. He wants us to seek his kingdom first and all that we want will be provided without much struggle. God also requires us to be patient because he is listening and know our needs and thoughts. We should not mix the love you have for him with worldly things because he is a jealous God.

You can never lie to him for he knows us better than we even know ourselves and there are always bad consequences of pretending in his eyes. He needs us to be pure and true to ourselves when we approach him so that our prayers do not sound like noise to his ears

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