NIV Proverbs 3.10

Verse Proverbs 3.10

10 then your barns will be filled to overflowing, and your vats will brim over with new wine.

Verse Proverbs 3.10 then Your Barns

Alyanna Mckinley opinion on Verse Proverbs 3.10 then Your Barns

A man with a full barn will never lack food to eat in the midst of a famine. In most cultures barns are used to store produce after harvesting. People who own big farms are considered to be rich in a typical traditional setting; where the people depend solely on agriculture. Therefore, it is a sign of wealth for a person to own several big barns used for storage of food. In life, there are periods when a person may go through a season of drought when everything seems to be working against them. During such periods, many look for people who would help them recover from their distress positions.

God can be compared to a wealthy farmer, who has the capacity to store all kinds of grains and to distribute them, when He pleases. From the time of creation, God has been described as a master who owns the universe, bringing everything living and non-living under His commands. If you have a friend who is always willing to help you especially when you are in desperate condition, won’t you cherish that friend? Even though, it is not easy to find such a friend these days but God has given us the opportunity to be His friend.

In this scripture, God did not only extend a hand of friendship to believers but He further attached a promise to it. God has the capacity to be that ideal friend that every Christian wishes to have because He is a promise keeper. This reading encourages us to always give God the best of what we have; when it is time to make an offering to God, endeavor to present your best gifts. The mistake most Christian make is to bring to God substances that they do not need. We must learn from the examples of the great servants of God who honored God with their most prized possessions without complaining.

The Lord is not greedy, He is generous and ready to repay anybody who would sacrifice their best to Him. It pleases God that Christians should always appreciate the wonders He works amongst them instead of grumbling. When you want to present a gift to your parents, you will go for the best, therefore, consider God to be greater than your parents, and bring your best gifts to Him. For some selfish reasons, some preachers have succeeded in discouraging some members of their congregation from giving to God.

It has been proven that anything you offer to God as a sacrifice is a representation of the type of worship you give to Him. In giving to God, a Christian expresses their love for God who looks at the presents and gives more in return. Apart, from increasing your material possessions, there are many ways through which God can shower His blessings on a Christian. He can wade off the attack of the wicked ones and keep that faithful Christian in constant good health. That is why, He promised to even give wine to those who would joyfully honor Him with a thanksgiving offering.

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