NIV Proverbs 4.16

Verse Proverbs 4.16

16 For they cannot rest until they do evil; they are robbed of sleep till they make someone stumble.

Verse Proverbs 4.16 For They Cannot

Ally Moses opinion on Verse Proverbs 4.16 For They Cannot

According to the bible, the book of proverbs chapter 4 verse 16 says, "For they cannot rest until they do evil; they are robbed of sleep till they make someone stumble." They will never stop trying and fighting to bring someone down, they always want to make sure that you are always falling, These people want everything you try. Even up to extent of performing rituals for your down fall, Some go for witchcraft because they want to see you down.

However, you are always greater than that person who will want you go down, no matter how powerful they think they are, your God is more powerful. Always go down to your knees and have a chat with your creator, i always recommend a silent prayer. Say a prayer, thank him, tell him what you want him to do for you, present those who wish you bad, take time and meditate. God will always be at your rescue he will save you from the bad and allow you more good times on this world. For these are men of wickedness, violence and torture men of the bad spirits.

Since, the death of Jesus Christ shows us us we have victory over all evil, victory over death. Do not be afraid of the evil ones because what ever they do is always to make you strong and show you your weakness in life, the weakness in faith. Always believe in God, have faith in the Heavenly father, you should not start questioning your self about the existence of God. Is God there, why is it that i do not see Him, this weakens your faith you should believe in what the bible says it is just enough evidence for the existence of God.

These men will always be wicked in front of God's eyes, heavily loaded sinners they are as the matter of fact of what so ever their actions are. The act of bringing someone down from the heights God has given, these people those who are causes of divorce between married couples. If God unites man and woman into one body one love it is for his will but he gives us the will to do things on our own. That is the reason as to why a person can spoil relations God has united together, they will be directed to burn in hell, it is disrespect of divine works of God.

Despite of the fact that some one wants to bring you down, God does not give you powers to dis own them. We need to always be there for our enemies keep them in prayer that the Almighty would forgive them touch their hearts and soften their deeds. Your prayer can make a change in someones ways as long as you have faith, you can make a meaning to them by always being their for them in times when they are in need and trouble. As i told your your prayer is always powerful in someones faith, the help you give might not be money but time and prayer is more important to them.

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