NIV Proverbs 4.9

Verse Proverbs 4.9

9 She will give you a garland to grace your head and present you with a glorious crown."

Verse Proverbs 4.9 She Will Give You

Hezekiah Cummings opinion on Verse Proverbs 4.9 She Will Give You

Garland in the general biblical context refers to the arrangement of flowers or other material that is worn on the head. This garland is used as a representation of honor and conquest , it is referred to as a garland of grace. Grace means approval, acceptance and was the basic word used to refer to the gratuitous goodwill of the most high. When we completely allow wisdom, and we are able to exercise it in utmost understanding and comprehension, God's blessing and mercy will be obviously reflected in our lives.

Most times we are privilege to know or meet a number of wise people. and you are able to see the affirmation that the grace of God is dwelling in their lives and their works. You want to be close to them because of it and mostly because of the utmost thing wisdom promises. In relation to king Solomon's story, Solomon knew what to ask when God offered him what he desired . He did not ask for long life, wealth, women or the destruction of his enemies. Solomon wanted wisdom and understanding because he knew wisdom was the most valuable commodity on earth. Having being wise with his choice, god gave him a wise and heart greater than any other man.

Furthermore, it was stated in the verse that "she will present you with a glorious crown". A crown is a sign of royalty and honor. The crown that wisdom deposits upon our heads is way more than beauty and charm. In my Opinion, the scheme here is not that we will look charming if we gain wisdom but preferably that a metaphysical beauty will be added to our lives. Meditate about the fruit of the Spirit for just a minute in this context. Wisdom will give us a lead to be enriched with the spirit of God. which in turn will mean that all the fruits of the spirit will be noticeable in our lives respectively.

On condition that you have ever known or met someone who sweetly exhibit the fruit of God's Spirit in their lives regularly. You know that they possess a stunning beauty that comes from their hearts. I have met with some set of people whose external beauty was far surpassed by the beauty of Christ that radiates from their hearts. Even though they were not notably beautiful outwardly those around them saw them in that manner all because of the beauty of Christ that radiated in their lives. When we allow the act of wisdom and place it in high regard in our lives, we receive a distinct spiritual enrichment that brings a level of beauty and charm that no one could ever contend with.

To sum up, Embrace wisdom, hold it in the esteem and honor. Consider its worth more than gold and silver, rubies and diamonds. They hold value more than any other thing in your life. This is the only way to be enriched and adorned with God's grace. As you are attaining a certain level and expanding a great level and energy to practice your wisdom also strive to get that wisdom reach out to people around you.

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