NIV Psalm 102.27

Verse Psalm 102.27

27 But you remain the same, and your years will never end.

Verse Psalm 102.27 But You Remain T

Jaelynn Bass opinion on Verse Psalm 102.27 But You Remain T

This is a prayer written by David in times of hardship, according to the heading it says when the weak wants to tell their problems to God (paraphrased). In verse 1 he' started by asking God to hear his' prayer and listen to his' cry for help. He told God not to turn away from him in times of troubles but' God should listen to his' prayers and answer quickly whenever David cries for help. From verse 3 he described his' predicament saying his' life is passing away like smoke, and just like a fire it is burning slowly. He had no strength, that he forgot to eat which led him to be like dry, dying grass (verse 4) he' talks about how his' sadness is affecting his' body (losing weight). David admitted to God in verse 6 that he' is lonely, like an owl who lives in a desert, this condition affect his sleep (verse 7).

The Psalmist enemies made fun of him/ insulted him too, they always used reference to him when cursing at a person. He' stated his' level of sadness in verse 9, in verse 11, he' wrote his' life off saying it was almost finished just like shadows during the end of a day. In the midst of David’s predicament, he' still had a reason to hail the Lord, verse 12, he' said the Lord will rule as a king forever, His name will last till eternity. God will rise up and comfort Zion, verse 15 David said the Lord’s servant will worship His name even all the king of the earth will give reverence to God. Verse 16 David speaks about God rebuilding Zion and her glory been seen among all people. God will listen to the prayers of the poor and never turn a deaf ear to them nor their requests (verse 17).

The psalmist encourage that all things (works of the Lord) should be recorded for the future generation to come so they can give praise to God. God’s servant tells us in verse 19 to 20 that God will hear prayers of the prisoners and set free those people that their verdict is death. People in Zion will testify about the works of the Lord and God’s name will be praised, verse 25, David talks about the beginning when the Lord made the earth with the sky. He' further said in verse 26 that this earth and also the sky will come to an end but God will live till eternity. The earth will wear out like clothes, God will change them like clothes but David further declared in verse 27 that God will never change, He' will live forever. He' never change meaning God forever remains the same, He is the maker of everything we see today, He can decide to destroy them but yet still remain God.

Lord never goes back on His word, He' does all things beneficial for us, He is eternal, has no end. God is both the beginning and the also the end, His' years are for eternity no one can ever judge Him wrong but' only faithful. He' is the same God of old (Abraham, Moses Isaac and Jacob), his ways never change but remains the same forever.

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