NIV Psalm 103.20

Verse Psalm 103.20

20 Praise the Lord, you his angels, you mighty ones who do his bidding, who obey his word.

Verse Psalm 103.20 Praise The Lord,

Jayce Daly opinion on Verse Psalm 103.20 Praise The Lord,

Human being as a creature and greatly made by God in his own image should know how to bless him for his love and his kindness upon ones life. He is the only one that made man to have dominion over others creature. God made human being special and gave life to them in abundant so that they can serve him and worship him on Earth. He created everything they need to enjoy and lives a comfortable life without suffering. Angels were made to be sending on an errand and garden to be a place of abode where all sorts plants grew to be a source of food for healthy living.

If someone is sick or have any form of infirmity, he is capable of healing without spending a penny only need doing is to command in the name of Jesus and the problem would disappear. This healing is going to be permanent which is different from the one people of world use to give. Someone needs not to use orthodox medicine before one is healed but power in the blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Also one would regain the strength, vitality and thereafter return all lost glory. He is the redeemer from all bondage of devil and his agents. As a Christian there is need to get involved in the work of God and serve him sincerely so that one can be free from the satanic attack.

Anyone that put his confidence and his trust in God he would be guiding one against those that want to oppress him. The aim and objectives of evil people would always be scattered and would be happy to move freely without fear. Good Christians must have fear of God in all their daily dealings like not involving in any form of lying, social vices, fighting and malice. It is also Paramount to that one should try to lives life to serve humanity which invariably is service to God by set standard without biased or partiality.

As a follower of Jesus Christ keeping the law of God and abide in them, not only making God happy but making God to keep his covenant with his people. Apart from keeping covenant one would be greatly protected from evil because you would contravene even the law of the land therefore save one from unnecessary embarrassment and disgrace that associated with the misbehavior.

Always carryout whatever he ask one to do without waiting for a moment because the word that comes out from God is powerful and truth. It would direct one way so that you might not be mislead and do the wrong thing that may harm or destroy destiny. Do no rely on your strength because it is going to fail you but seek God, he is there to give strength in time of trouble. Christians must give everything on ones life to service him, work must not be an hindrance neither the taking care of home. Make sure you do things of God first before anything in the morning.

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