NIV Psalm 105.10

Verse Psalm 105.10

10 He confirmed it to Jacob as a decree, to Israel as an everlasting covenant:

Verse Psalm 105.10 He Confirmed It

Billy Jaramillo opinion on Verse Psalm 105.10 He Confirmed It

From the verse we see that when opportunity comes there are those who don't get a chance to take part in those activities that are around their regions. We are told that there are those that will not be involved in activities. Just because one may be not serious on how to take the opportunity that is provided to them by God. Then we see that there will be a day we may regret if then we may not have the aim for the next couple that will have to be faithful

The aim is to provide the land that was taken to agree the verse we are told to take all things to be serious. This is why we are to take care of all what is written by the bible as we take things. As we see from the verse then all is to be done by those that will have to trust God in their ways for them to be blessed. God is about to bring you from down to up as you still have time to talk to him as Savior Christ who will never leave you.

As we see how Judah is despising other nation's around them for not looking into their evils. We see that God is to bring your enemies down as of not trusting God as Savior Christ. Then we are told to be taken of their things that are on way coming to be the teaching to us all. As we are then told that if we get up as soon then we call into him for guiding us while trusting days that are ahead of us. We see how God is leading others as the way those disciples were telling him while going to various regions to preach gospel of God.

The verse we are told that David declared to Jacob that all will be well as they will have to lead Israel with justice these are words from David's mouth.

Now that he was appointed by Jacob it was then good for David to honor him by declaring that he'll lead Israelites with justice as from the bible. He confirmed it to Jacob that all will be well worth to the Israelites that will be leading them as a leader who is appointed by God. The covenant that was made between Israel and Jacob was declared to be obeyed by all. As from the verse we see that the covenant we make with God must be fulfilled to ensure we don't fail God.

Covenant that is made with these two then are to be made by the innocent souls that are called out by God. As we see from the verse is that there are those who will have to be given the priority to be leaders. Then we are given the chances to say to them what's good for each of David's house. Bible verse says that there will be those who will have to be given their inheritance as all will have to be blessed by Almighty God.

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