NIV Psalm 119.148

Verse Psalm 119.148

148 My eyes stay open through the watches of the night, that I may meditate on your promises.

Verse Psalm 119.148 My Eyes Stay Op

Deandre Poole opinion on Verse Psalm 119.148 My Eyes Stay Op

The cry of the psalmist for God to come to his aid is a representation of the trials that steal sleep from the eyes of many Christians. David loved the Lord in a way that he made Him his greatest confidant, and he was always determined to please God. His faithfulness to the Lord could be seen in his continuous discussion with the Father as if He was physically present with him. It was evident that the Lord was his best friend in times of good, and in moments of pain.

Whenever David was in a difficult situation, he did not forget to pray to God to defend him. This explains why he said in this verse that he lies awake to meditate on the words of God. As a Christian, it is important to rise to spend quality time with the Lord studying His words, and teachings. If you want to be a friend of the Father like David was, you must make conscious efforts in meditating on the precepts of the Lord. The instant you do that, the Lord will begin to reveal a lot of secrets about the Kingdom to you, even as He strengthens your desire for Him.

When looking at the life of David and his relationship with the Lord, it is vital to notice that he put his trust in the Lord alone. Besides engaging in constant praise of the Lord, he was never seen worshiping another god or bowing before an idol. His frequent expression of His love for the Father was an indication that nothing on earth could take the place of the Lord in his life. Constant study of the word of God will make the believer develop a firm knowledge of the image of the Father, and the principles of His heavenly abode.

Therefore, a believer must desist from all acts of spiritual laziness to pray, praise, or worship Him in all they do. It when you acknowledge the presence of the Father in your daily endeavors that He comes to watch over you regularly. This is a word of encouragement for Christians who are afraid of waking up in the night to praise God because they are afraid of evil spirits. Moreover, as a believer you should be proud of declaring your stand for the Lord who is the master of the universe. The worst thing that can happen to a believer in the fact that he loses sight of the omnipresence of the Lord.

In addition, when the Father makes a promise to His children that word must be established in their lives. From the testimony of the psalmist, all who hope in the Lord should not grow weary because He is not going to disappoint you. It does not matter what you may be encountering at the moment; it could be that you have lost your loved ones or sacked from your place of work. This is the time to be more focused on the Lord who will fulfill all the promises He has made in the past.

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