NIV Psalm 119.160

Verse Psalm 119.160

160 All your words are true; all your righteous laws are eternal.

Verse Psalm 119.160 All Your Words

Adeline Hebert opinion on Verse Psalm 119.160 All Your Words

The word of God is the Bible there, is the only place to talk with God . So humankind can't listen him with their ears because the weakness of sin which are inside of them.Just as the beginning of all things when human fallen in sin distinguish between God and human was already happened human have lost image of God completely.

Man wasn't enable to link with heaven again,it's was too risky because Satan was there see whatever Adam did.God in his mighty saw that in the following years the seed of Adam will be a weakest ever , and the problems will be they could even forget God creator.So God choose strategic to protect humans by keeping them in his word which can help people to escape the snares of Satan and his demons .

Bible started to written from Genesis to revelation to reveal the love of God.So is full of truth no lie inside that it's way every should have a Bible because can make us to be close with God.Nothing more important than to spending time by reading Bible.Although people are intelligent still they want the word of creator to show them what they must do, whoever Bible still guider for everyone.

The voice of God is alike the thunder, and the face of the God is lighting So this means is impossible to talk face to face

can effect our bodies and health ,God choose to give us Bible.When we read it, God poor the blessings because we show him that we respect him as it is.Christian who doesn't read the Bible is in danger and he don't know what his believe.The first step to make in way of heaven is to create Habit of reading Bible every single day that is tool we can use to against Satan.He knows well the necessity of Bible , that it's why he makes effort to spread laziness. You can find out someone reading news his the brain is aware , but when he drops down news papers and took Bible unknown sleep catch him he gave up reading.Other way they procrastinate that they will make effort to reading Bible at least 25 min a day but nothing they do.

Satan has many technical to push people neglected Bible. But it's very dangerous when we keep this Habit soon or later

will find ourselves in hand of enemy. Be strong in Christians we need two things :player and reading daily Bible.To do that we are true Christians and winners nobody can attempt to trap us we will jump it all.

When words of God are inside of us even sins start to decrease and heart be purified.

From beginning to end people of God were strengthen by word and keep those words in their hearts as well as meditate daily what they have read.

this what Bible help us is not normal scripture but, is holy you can't compare it with others book it is unique.

Before anyone reading is better to ask holy spirit to guide you.

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