NIV Psalm 126.6

Verse Psalm 126.6

6 Those who go out weeping, carrying seed to sow,will return with songs of joy, carrying sheaves with them.

Verse Psalm 126.6 Those Who Go Out

Desiree Carr opinion on Verse Psalm 126.6 Those Who Go Out

Through this bible verse, we are taught the virtue of resilience and appreciation of where we are no matter the circumstances. It is a call of encouragement to all those carrying the heavy burden of suffering. God tells us to hold on and have faith in Him that He can help us with our troubles. It is also an urge to us that we should have hope in everything we aim at doing in life because positive thinking is the first step towards success. Putting our faith in the Lord even when we are getting bad results for our efforts is pivotal in ensuring success.

The bible teaches us that it is those people who overcome challenges that will reap the biggest fruits of success in their future. This is because resilience builds a strong character of fighting for what one wants. It builds a mindset of wanting to achieve more and not settling for small things in life. God also promises to help us if we become strong enough to face and overcome the tough times. In the scripture we are told of the various occasions where the Lord helped the less privileged. A good example is in the story of Joseph the son of Jacob.

Joseph went through a lot of difficulties while growing up in the midst of his many brothers. He was constantly bullied by his siblings and they looked down upon him. In many instances the y refused to go to herd with him and largely disregarded the role he played in the family. The young man did not stop loving his brothers nonetheless and even prayed for them. He did not focus on their hatred towards him accompanied with the various attempts to bring him down. In the end, the Lord blessed Joseph and made him a leader, something that his brothers never thought was capable of happening.

Christians are encouraged to be hard workers and to always strive for the things they desire. God makes a promise that if we try our level best in whatever we are doing, he will stretch out his hand and offer assistance. He pledges to bring happiness and fulfillment to everyone going through tough times. At the same time, this verse gives a condition that we should put in the work first then pray for success. Prayer alone without action cannot change anything. It is through our actions that God notices our struggles and in the process helps us.

Laziness is hugely discouraged by God because he is a worker as well. The Almighty expects so much from us and gave us responsibilities after creation. Human beings were told to name the animals, till the land, take care of the environment as well as God’s creations. By doing these things we will ensure that the world remains a favorable environment for us to dwell in. It will at the same time provide food security and we will never go hungry. Our heavenly father therefore encourages us to work hard and focus on the good results because suffering is a part of life.

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