NIV Psalm 135.14

Verse Psalm 135.14

14 For the Lord will vindicate his people and have compassion on his servants.

Verse Psalm 135.14 For The Lord Wil

Christopher Odonnell opinion on Verse Psalm 135.14 For The Lord Wil

This passage underscores the just nature of God. The Lord God Almighty is just and in him can no wrong be found. He will judge his people faithfully and find no guilt in them so long as they abide by his laws. They're several instances in the bible where God showed his faithfulness to the children of Israel who are his chosen ones, like the verses preceding this particular verse clearly showcased.

God is faithful and just and he will always defend his people against their enemies so long as they remain faithful in their worship of him. He will vindicate them because he loves them. God delivered them against several enemies that sought to destroy them, he set them free from bondage and helped them to defeat many mighty opponents. He continued to defend them so long as they remained under his covering.

The name of the Lord can be likened to a strong tower and the righteous call upon it for their salvation in the time of trouble. This passage summarizes the relationship between God and the children of Israel throughout the bible. For as long as they remained with God and called upon his name he was always there to judge and vindicate them.

Compassion is the heartbeat of God for his people, he is kind and merciful towards his servants(those who are faithful in their worship and service of him). The only reason why a person might not enjoy the compassion of God is because they're too far away from him in their hearts. Like the Bible said, he desires to have a relationship with his creation. God created human beings solely to worship him, what this means is that so long as a person continues to serve God faithfully then they're already candidates for his compassion.

The mercy and compassion of God are exclusively his to disburse to those he wish to disburse them to, This shows that God decides who becomes the candidates of his mercy and compassion, but this verse showed clearly some criteria that a person must meet in other to qualify for his mercy and compassion. God will vindicate (judge and show mercy) to people he can call his own and he will also show compassion to people who serve him.

No one walks with God and fail, he has always been faithful to his people, the children of Israel enjoyed this faithfulness of God so much as they were able to dislodge enemies that surrounded them throughout their history. Bible also shows the catastrophic outcomes that befell them when they turned their eyes away from God. The crux of the matter is simple, for as long as a person remains with God he will always vindicate them from any accusations and shall continually show them his compassion.

There is no protection outside God, for those that love him he goes as far as taking the lands of their enemies and giving it to them as a heritage for their possession. To qualify for all the benefits that accrue to a servant of God, a person must be ready to serve God faithfully.

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