NIV Psalm 135.4

Verse Psalm 135.4

4 For the Lord has chosen Jacob to be his own, Israel to be his treasured possession.

Verse Psalm 135.4 For The Lord Has

Hadlee Hurley opinion on Verse Psalm 135.4 For The Lord Has

The Almighty God has power over everything in Heaven and on Earth and He chooses what He pleases without asking anyone or seeking anyone's consent. When He chooses the person, family or nation to love, no one can bar His will from fulfillment. Given that every person desires to have the favor of God on their side, Israel is indeed a blessed nation to have Him choose them as His people.

It goes without saying that upon having the value that comes with becoming a chosen people of God, nothing can conquer such people or nations. God values His chosen people like His treasure to the extent of staying in their camp so that He keeps such a place holy and safe from all forms of contamination. Therefore, He protects them from all afflictions and safeguards their interests while at their home and in foreign places. When enemies invade the chosen ones’ territory, He rises promptly to their rescue and where it pleases Him, He takes vengeance for them.

The people of God are always bound to Him through a holy covenant. This is a divine agreement that specifies how the chosen people of God should abide by His laws. God also expects them to glorify Him always through songs and praises. They should stick to worshipping their God alone without any deviation to glorify a different deity. God provides for all their desires according to His scale.

Nothing moves God to pleasure like His chosen people who devote themselves and their lives to praising and glorifying Him as their Creator alone. It results from this reality that David, the author of Psalms 135:4, calls to action all the people of Israel descent to give praises to The Highest God of Jacob. He maintained that The Lord treasured the people of Israel hence he implied that there is a need for them to be grateful to Him. By being so, they should cheerfully revere The Lord, God of Jacob in songs and praises.

The scripture does not exclude the Gentiles given that through faith in their savior, Jesus Christ, they have a place in the favor of The Lord. It is, therefore, necessary that all believers of Jesus Christ should cheerfully glorify The Lord in songs and praises. This is crucial because the divine favor of God of Israel is with all the people of the world; the Jews and the Gentiles alike.

God will always do all the good things He pleases to His chosen people but they should always expect that Jehovah will want them to worship and glorify Him in return. Any attempt to deviate from living by these conditions of the covenant between the chosen people and God attracts God's anger which bursts on His people. It should hence be noted that no one man can deliver a fellow man from the grip the Lord's anger.

All people should, therefore, stick to upholding their righteousness for the sake of keeping holy the covenant that they have with their Heavenly Father, The God of Israel. If they abide by the divine laws embodied in the covenant, they will always have with The Highest God of Jacob on their side. This is the ultimate aspiration of every single believer of Christ in the present day and age.

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