NIV Psalm 139.18

Verse Psalm 139.18

18 Were I to count them, they would outnumber the grains of sand - when I awake, I am still with you.

Verse Psalm 139.18 Were I To Count

Steven Malone opinion on Verse Psalm 139.18 Were I To Count

If I were to count them, they would outnumber the grains of sand means that they are many and cannot even be counted. David is thinking about the blessings and endless love of the Lord and he cannot help but thank and glorify His name. God has done a lot to him and he is more than grateful for all He does and that is why he says that the blessings are uncountable. He wakes up each day and God provides for him while forgiving his wrong deeds and the love He has towards him is the same each day. The psalmist is expressing his gratitude and joy that he has for the Lord has been very faithful by watching over him and not letting his enemies destroy him. Protection and love is worth giving thanks for without ceasing.

When I awake, I am still with you means that each day brings about good results and smiles for the Lord never leaves his side. He watches over him throughout the night and when morning comes, the Lord does not forget to give him back breath of life so that he is set for the day. Jesse's son feels that God does him a great favor and He deserves a lot of praise that is endless each day. He does not forget to give Him thanks just like the Lord does not forget to wake him every morning and provide for his needs each rising day. After forgiving him, there is no time God recalls his previous sins and offenses for he forgives them with a full heart.

Christians should not always recall bad things anytime they think about the life and should instead count the blessings and they will discover that they are more and worth celebrating. Life itself is a blessing that cannot be compared to any other and God gives to them free of charge without asking for a price because He is loving and wonderful. Humans must not get tired of giving thanks to God because if He were to get tired of watching over them, they would only end up perishing. God however does not leave their sides no matter what which portrays the love and care that He has towards His people at all times.

Difficult times must not let humans forget the far they have come and they must remember that each day comes with its fortune. They are therefore supposed to be hopeful and have faith in the Lord that God will make their paths straight and they will be successful. David keeps aside the negativities and decide to count the positive impacts of the Lord in his life. That at all times helps keep off depression and makes one be hopeful that tomorrow will be better than present. God cannot at any time fail those who trust in Him and He rewards their confidence in Him greatly so that they are happy. Anytime humans rise to see a new day, they must not forget to thank God since it is not for granted and is not obvious to sleep and rise well.

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