NIV Psalm 144.15

Verse Psalm 144.15

15 Blessed is the people of whom this is true; blessed is the people whose God is the Lord.

Verse Psalm 144.15 Blessed Is The P

Arlene Clifford opinion on Verse Psalm 144.15 Blessed Is The P

David through his songs praised the goodness of God telling the grace the wondrous mercies that God has shown. From verse 1, David was grateful for God's strength then protection over him in times of battles and wars with enemies. You might be constant in prayer 'when you're encountering a problem' but do you do same when your requests are granted? You should. Show that you're grateful for God's favor when things start to go well. The time you were encountering difficulties was 'the time' that you didn't need them though 'you thought that was a good period'. God's time is always the best no matter 'the thoughts' you're having because at 'God's own time 'He' makes everything better.

Verse 2 through to verse 3 shows how surprised David was to receive such a favor from God. In verse 3, David asked God about 'the uniqueness' that man posses which makes God regard 'us' so much. Can you imagine how many times you've sinned? We're just living due to the compassion that God has over 'us'. It's never easy with those serving smaller wicked gods since they lack these favor that God grant 'His' people. Aside these smaller gods not being enough since their power is limited and their riches 'they give out' is limited too, they easily eliminate their worshipers when 'they go wrong'.

From verse 4 though to 7, David added a prayer request after giving thanks. This is a good practice as a believer since instead of complaining 'you should rather' focus on thanksgiving. Let your praise be more than your requests, so 'you can take care' of 'the measurements'. God needs 'our' thanksgiving than 'our' request since he's already aware of all things that goes on around 'us'. From verse 9, David proceeded with thanksgiving showing that though 'his request' was important to 'him' but 'he understood the praises too mattered here'. Now, from verse 11 through to 12, you'll find David continuing with "his" request too.

Just study the blend here, is that what you do? Do you only blame God without giving 'him praise even after your requests are satisfied'? There's the need for a change. There's a moral lesson that can be derived from David's experience in Psalm 144. Always do well to let your praise be more than what 'you ask'. He's Lord, don't easily forget about that since if "you do", you'll end up talking in a bad manner to God. Always praise "the Lord" for his goodness, let 'your praise' be abundant.

When you're encountering trouble, be patient with how 'you manage things'. Don't be in a hurry since you'll end up demolition "the good things ahead of you". See God as one who knows before you do since that's the truth "you really have to be aware of". Verse 15 discusses what the actual truth is since those who let their praises to God receives in abundance from God. You need your requests because that's why you asked for them so be patient as God grants them.

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