NIV Psalm 145.14

Verse Psalm 145.14

14 The Lord upholds all who fall and lifts up all who are bowed down.

Verse Psalm 145.14 The Lord Upholds

Addalyn Sumner opinion on Verse Psalm 145.14 The Lord Upholds

" The Lord upholds all who fall" this first statement in the first verse can be seen as a reassurance of God's forgiving nature. It assures us that whenever we fall the Father is willing to pick us up no matter who we are or how deep our sins are. Man might find it hard to forgive or lift us up considering the nature or reoccurrence of our sin but God would not. We just need to approach him with sincere hearts and he would cleanse our sins and offer us a new life. Confidence in this statement helps us not to wallow in self pity or condemnation whenever we sin.

The statement can also mean that whenever we stumble or fall in our life's journey God is there to raise us. From this statement we understand that it is an inherent part of life to fall once in a while, for things to go not quite has planned but we shouldn't fear because God is there to lift us up when this happens. We should not out of fear of failure not try out new things he puts in our hearts to do instead we should work with the confidence that God is forever there for all of us when we fall.

The second statement "and lifts up all who are bowed down" can be seen as God's loving heart towards the humble. When we are bowed down in reference and worship to him, he is happy and lifts us up to height we never dreamed of. Our humility shouldn't be towards God alone but towards our fellow humans and in every situation around us. When we are humble all round then we are going to be lifted by God as seen in this verse. Being humble should not be confused with being a push over. It is not easy to be humble, to do this we must submit to God, allow him to take over our lives and live in full consciousness of that fact.

This statement could also mean that God would lift up all of us that have been defeated by life, the economy, loved ones around us and our emotions. Some of us have gone through different things in life that has left us emotionally or financially drained and depressed. We have become suicidal or simply cannot find any meaning in life anymore. This verse tells us there is hope for God is also the God of the down trodden. He sees our pain and is ready to lift us up from our situation. His love would provide the ray of sunshine we need to get out if our depressive state. We just need to call on him in faith and it is done.

This verse presents God as our savior in any situation. He understands our pain and would not hesitate to bring us out of bondage. His plan is to elevate us to heights our human mind cannot even think of. We just need to have utmost faith in him and joy would definitely come in the morning.

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