NIV Psalm 14.5

Verse Psalm 14.5

5 But there they are, overwhelmed with dread, for God is present in the company of the righteous.

Verse Psalm 14.5 But There They Ar

Kyla Casey opinion on Verse Psalm 14.5 But There They Ar

This verse refers to individuals who are against the righteous, constantly plotting to harm them. These enemies may not necessarily be afraid of the righteous themselves but they cannot take any action against them because there is someone powerful in their midst. This indicates that the enemy understands the amount of power that God wields.

The scripture is an account of David, who had first-hand experience of what God could do to rescue His people. From a tender age, he had experienced supernatural victories in battles and knew very well that God was behind it all. For instance, before killing Goliath, his proclaimation was that he had come against him in the name of the Lord to clariy that the outcome of the fight was pegged on God’s ability. This triumph brought David into King Saul’s house, who attempted to kill him twice unsuccessfully. It is at that point that Saul grew afraid of David because God was with him.

Throughout the Old Testament, there are several such instances that explain why enemies of the righteous would be afraid of God. For instance, according to Exodus chapter thirteen, verse twenty-two, the children of Israel had God in their camp who manifested as a cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night to shield them from harsh elements as well as to lead them along the way. It is through these that he watched the Egyptian army, took wheels off their chariots and drowned them in the Red Sea. This act made nations, who would have otherwise attacked the Israelites, very afraid of them.

A similar instance is when Joshua went to help Gibeon to fight the king of Jerusalem and his allies. The king had to look for help from other kings as he also feared Israel. When they attempted to flee from the army of Israel, God rained hailstones on them at Beth Horon and killed more soldiers than Israelites had.

Such a dreadful track record of victory that God had is enough to overwhelm those who are against His own. They are also afraid because God is always present where the righteous are. That consistent presence means that they are protected and that those who are against them are in constant danger.

In Psalms chapter 23, verse 4, David emphasizes further of his confidence in God, who is ever-present and delivers from evil. It states that he would never fear even though he walked through the valley of the shadow of death as God would be with Him. Shadow of death symbolizes impending danger or being surrounded by danger, a fact that is inconsequential when one is in the company of an invincible God.

Psalms chapter 14 verse 5 is comforting to all who trust in the Lord as they are always protected. The devil is afraid of the one who stands in their defense as He cannot be defeated. The fact that their defender is always with them is an assurance that there is no cause for alarm no matter the circumstances.

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