NIV Psalm 147.20

Verse Psalm 147.20

20 He has done this for no other nation; they do not know his laws.[b]Praise the Lord.

Verse Psalm 147.20 He Has Done This

Billy Jaramillo opinion on Verse Psalm 147.20 He Has Done This

God who is also the almighty and the one that bring every he made to become what he has initially made into plan, choose to do what will make him to be well pleased. The lord loves everyone like his own, but he still requires that we obey and choose the best for himself and his loved ones, with no regard for evil. He will do many things for us, which some will wonder and make it looking like as if he is giving us a cheat or granting us special benefit. Giving us benefits above all other creatures that is treading the surface of this planet, yes, if he loves you in an extra way.

When, you obey him, there will many special advantages that will come your way, and surprises and joy will be on your face like a smile. Get up from your sleep if a far away from him, and stop missing those special and great benefits that is finely prepared and made for your proper living on this planet. Please, do not stay away from the guides or laws made for his sons, so that you can call yourself to be a part of those who surely enjoy his love. The first thing that the good Lord does is to first select, if you are selected by grace and he indicates you with his love, then you are a very lucky person.

It is very good for anyone, to not try and make mistakes of going back or get a setback due to those words and actions coming from different angles. In those several phases of lives, be guided in your dealings at all times, for God sake and for the purpose of living right. Do not take your life as those who are doomed or cursed for doing things against God’s desires and will. He will select you and lift you up at the right time or moment, don’t be too fast or greedy, greed kills the plans that our maker has made for us in all ways. The lord is good in fulfilling all those things he has initially made and prepare us towards good life and proper reward in every regard of life.

Pray and seek his face as you must get to do this to make him connect to you properly, let his kind act be returned by your good action, don’t be a servant who is not grateful. Let every moves favor God’s love and grow toward making his plans work out properly for you, he is a giver, giving life and every stuff needed to make life just worthy of living. Stay well and stay for the good cause like you really need to do, so that you will not miss out from all the nice things our creator as set aside for every good ones. Get up from all those nasty things you are doing and start to perform well as a holy and fine and reasonable disciple which you are, get every laws from the bible in your mind and start to obey.

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