NIV Psalm 148.11

Verse Psalm 148.11

11 kings of the earth and all nations, you princes and all rulers on earth,

Verse Psalm 148.11 kings Of The Ear

Kacey Mohr opinion on Verse Psalm 148.11 kings Of The Ear

The Psalms of king David the ruler of nation of Israel while he was in his reign. Although he was mighty and strong his power and knowledge always puts in God. The hopes over his leadership was under the leadership of heavenly father. However, this verse really portray out the best way the leadership of today in this Earth should consult to creator of the universe to ensure that everything he did is by his will. From the verse, David the King used to humble before the Lord and this is the right way to all leaders of today. Scripture tells that Lord God of all universe is the leader of all in the earth and no one is like him.

This chosen servant of the Lord explain that all those depending on him must have him as their father and guider. Although some one may have all what he needs help she should know that the Lord God is the sovereign leader and provider to all people on this Earth. It is quite important to learn this way of this man of Elohim father of Israel. No matter how powerful someone is he or she is under his leadership and whatever commanded us to do everyone should do it without any complain. In this same verse, as Christian they learn that if creator is put in front of everything in your live you will be protected in all means.

More over, the word of life tells Christians that even though there are many Kings of this earth and nation's, there is only one leader who rule all the earth. He has the wealth of this nation's and he is the king of Kings and ruler of all rulers. Therefore, the Bible tell us that every living soul must put his will before him and will guide him with his vast, stable and strong knowledge. Further more, the Kings and Rulers of these nation is being put into his leadership by this sovereign being. The scripture show us as all inhabitants of this earth that every one should subject himself to his leadership and do a according to what his governing laws instruct us.

From this same note, we learn that all the Kings and Rulers of the earth are all the same before his throne. He lead both great and small, young and old, able and disable with the same laws. And who ever not willing to accept him as a leader is his opposition. Henceforth, all individuals should learn that he has powers over every living Man on the earth and no one is greater than him. The content of this word of life inform the mighty leaders in this ground that they are not more greater than all those who keep his commands.

Therefore the leaders and Rulers together with Kings are urged to be humble like the way King David of the land of Israel was. Instead of being over proud over the wealth of the world, they should humble their hearts and souls before him. And it is important keep his words forever in your mind.

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