NIV Psalm 18.43

Verse Psalm 18.43

43 You have delivered me from the attacks of the people; you have made me the head of nations.People I did not know now serve me,

Verse Psalm 18.43 You Have Deliver

Izel Barrow opinion on Verse Psalm 18.43 You Have Deliver

Psalm 18:43,

You have delivered me from the attacks of the people,you have made me the head of nations. People I did not know serve me,when we are faithful to our God he delivers us from our enemies. He makes us the head over the nations and people that we do not know comes to serve us because with God's help situation changes.

When we are speaking to God we should not only speak for our own life but also we should think about the entire society. If we are overwhelmed by problems in life our dreams may die and we may not be able to fulfill them. God's intervention can be compared to a light that drives away darkness and despair. His presence gives courage and strength that we need in order to act. Clearly God does not take over all action, but he equips us inorder to enter into battle and win. In the battle God supports us by providing a shield that protects us from the enemies arrows. When God protects us we can confidently assert that there is no God like the Lord whose way is perfect and who makes our ways perfect.

We should not have any hesitation in attributing our victory to the Lord who gives us strength, guidance,agility,skill and protection from natural injuries as well as from injuries inflicted by enemies. God is the one who gives us victory and he is the force behind our success. With the Lord's help difficult situations in our life are changed and our enemies are crushed. At times we are afraid and sorrounded by enemies but the Lord gives us courage to pursue and defeat them. They now turns their back and run as they see us approaching them and they cry for help,but because they had refused to recognize the kingship of the Lord their cries are not answered.

Not only does the Lord give us absolute victory but he also makes us rulers even over foreign nations. We no longer even need to fight against our enemies, a mere sound of our voice elicits obedience and fear. Such overwhelming victory can only lead to praise for our God. Always we should praise him for giving us victory over our enemies, who were laughing at us thinking that they could defeat us but the Lord changed the situation so as to give us victory. Victory is always our portion only if we are faithful to our God who is a situation changer.

The Lord is the giver of life,he is a living God but not a hopeless idol that can not do anything. God is the one who intervens inorder to save those people that he loves. He is our rock and our strength and what the Lord can do for us, no man can do. We should always vow to serve God for his mighty doing in our lives and among nations and exalt his name. The Lord's kindness extends not only to the anointed christians but also to all people.

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