NIV Psalm 26.5

Verse Psalm 26.5

5 I abhor the assembly of evildoers and refuse to sit with the wicked.

Verse Psalm 26.5 I Abhor The Assem

Deja Lancaster opinion on Verse Psalm 26.5 I Abhor The Assem

God's Word clearly shows that there are serious consequences to sitting at a table and conversing with wicked ones whose souls seem to increase in number and unacceptable sin. Stop polluting your temple by putting yourself in a better position to offend the Creator of the universe who is faithful to you while feeding you and bestowing upon you various kinds of graces. Do not sit down with these hypocrites who have accepted the devil as the father because they will sow the evil seed of pride and arrogance that will seduce you from the truth. When they invite you to attend one of their concert performances and show that they are the perpetrators of violence and the use of foul language, you should reject them and fight them. Your mind may be enticed by these invitations because in reality human beings are created with limitations that will be fulfilled when you allow the commander-in-chief to dwell in you.

Thy God's forgiveness has been near to all who need it but unfortunately the devil has become so hypocritical that he can convince people that he will give them true hope. He is breathing in a machine because his end has come and he will perish accordingly so one of the methods he uses is to force the Lord's servants to sit down with his servants. There are some words of victory that the one who created the mountains will need to give you and especially when you are alone or accompanied by an army of his mighty soldiers. On the other hand, associating with sinners will defile your soul and make you as restless as a homeless person. Temptation doubles when you are accompanied by these evil men who eat and are satisfied with the food of prostitution which is opposed by the Lord of hosts. Even though you have been a careful soldier holding your faith like a child holding a cup of milk but these witches will deprive you of the kingdom of heaven.

Fortunately, great hope is still to be found and for anyone who sincerely desires to serve God all the days of his life has the opportunity to receive forgiveness and a steadfast direction. Therefore, the work of the Lord is difficult if you begin to associate with the wicked who alcohol has become tea and prostitution has become their campaign.

Don't feel guilty when you isolate yourself because people say you don't care and instead you are only following your own feelings and desires. You need to be prepared to leave the world before you can live and the Creator of all things because that is the full meaning of a firm and acceptable belief. So, stay alert and watch the number of your friends and their movements to shine as the traffic cops inspect a bad car, if you ignore it you will fall into sin. The meetings of these wicked men have nothing to do with the Christian life other than to encourage them to sin with all their might, believing that there is no judgment or so-called eternal life.

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