NIV Psalm 34.5

Verse Psalm 34.5

5 Those who look to him are radiant; their faces are never covered with shame.

Verse Psalm 34.5 Those Who Look To

Addalyn Sumner opinion on Verse Psalm 34.5 Those Who Look To

God is a jealousy God, he is ever the best that whenever You need more success at any given thing that you tend to carry out. Everything you do before you do it when you first of all pray to God and ask for guidance you will always succeed. God loves to be consulted that is why there are verses in the bible that say 'Ask and you shall be given, Knock and the door shall be opened, Seek and you shall find'. In other words they just simply mean that in everything you do you must think of what you need to do first before you do it.

For those who do not pray to God for guidance or protection from God always do not get what they desire. God gives anything that you request for if you request for love, wealthy, healing, success in exams , good marriage partner he is ready to provide as long as you request from him by prayer. He does not discriminate the poor from the rich, blind and the ones who can see. Taking time to understand God and look up to his creation from the First time he created heaven and earth makes someone understand that life is more to prayer and faith.

Living without prayer is like driving a car without a seat belt. And in the worst scenario when someone starts driving they also do ask God for protection for journey masses this is what is said to be the best moment when you know God is with you all through the way of your journey. On a meaning time a prayer is the excitement to every obstacle you get on the road. Even without seeing God himself with the necked eyes a prayerful christian believes that he is omnipresent.

Very many people refuse or neglect the act of prayer and seeing God as the most superior being in the planet. When you refuse the ability if the almighty to give you what you need you chase away the good that would have come with it in terms of blessings and long good life. As well God does not answer prayers immediately. Persistence in praying gives us the faith to stand on to prayer. Despite God taking his time to answer your prayers I believe that at long last he does answer them not as exactly as you wanted them.

Life teaches us that Christians should be patient in there doings , and not look at how long there prayers have taken to be answered. Because everyday is a day to our request to be granted and in that in his presence we shall never fall out of fulfillment from him. In a humble request to to those who do not follow up on his words , those who do not look up to him for guidance to start doing so. However the power that the lord strikes upon in the event that you do not follow his ways is more instant and fast that surpasses the answering of his prayers.

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