NIV Psalm 35.25

Verse Psalm 35.25

25 Do not let them think, "Aha, just what we wanted!" or say, "We have swallowed him up."

Verse Psalm 35.25 Do Not Let Them

Landan Mack opinion on Verse Psalm 35.25 Do Not Let Them

Do not let them think means that He pleads with God not to allow his foes to think he has fallen. David is crying out to God and seeks his face for defense against his enemies so that they will fail in anything that they plan. Them are the ones who will ensure that Gods servant has fallen or suffered what they have caused and the only weapon that David can use is prayer. He is dedicating his prayer to Jehovah and prays that He does not leave him to suffer in the ensnares of the wicked. Jesse's son is well aware that enemies are many and if he decides to take action against them, he might end up losing. He asks his creator to prove his foes wrong so that they will be witnesses that the one he serves lives forever.

Aha, just what we wanted is a phrase that indicates joy after what one wants comes to pass. David is praying that he is not defeated so that his enemies will not rejoice that they have pinned him down. Ones enemies are always after every move that you make because they seek a way that can destroy you and will try not to fail no mater what. They are not Godly and do not care about which means they use to destroy their target because they do not fear sin. David is praying to God so that he gives him victory against his foes so that what they are waiting to see will not be the end results.

The psalmist pleads with God not to let them say that they have swallowed him up which means that they will celebrate. They will think that the Lord he serves is powerless because He did not stop them from making His servant suffer. Ones enemy is what the devil uses against them and humans must be strong if they want to defeat their enemies. The devil cannot reveal to anyone that he is the one because nobody can give in to what he requests. He uses the people themselves especially those who are close to his target. The only secret of pinning the devil down is being strong in prayer so that all his plans are destroyed and nothing he plans conquers. Anyone who trusts in the Lord cannot perish because God cannot allow the enemy of His servants to rejoice for defeating them.

Humans must understand that there is nothing good like having God's protection because in Him, victory is sure. Nothing can bring down God and there is nobody who can overtake the power that He has no matter how hard they try. Everyone must understand that the enemy does not get tired of trying and does not doze off. Relaxing in prayer is giving them a chance to overtake and win and there is nothing they want more than that. That is why humans must not give up trusting in God so that the enemy has no chance and its only through that they can emerge victorious no matter how strong their foes think they are.

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