NIV Psalm 50.6

Verse Psalm 50.6

6 And the heavens proclaim his righteousness, for he is a God of justice.[a][b]

Verse Psalm 50.6 And The Heavens P

Mae Yang opinion on Verse Psalm 50.6 And The Heavens P

The heavens declared that God is righteous and that he himself can judge.

This means that it is only God who was declared to be righteous. There is no other person who is morally right and good other than the Lord. All living things should accept that they are impure and only God is our guide for his righteousness. He is the only one who can dictate what is good for he is the only one who does not have a sinful nature. It is upon us to live by his laws and teachings for he is the only one that was declared by the heavens to have no stain on him.

The Bible is telling us that only a righteous being can be able to provide justice that is fair. It is only God that can provide justice that is fair according to our actions and no one else. This is because he is the only one who has no sins on him. He knows what it means to be good and is the judge who will justify accordingly.

Nobody is under any jurisdiction to judge another one for we are all impure and sinners. When other people go wrong or make mistakes, we should leave them to God. Sinners cannot be just to another sinner. No one has the right to take matters into our own hands and judge them for we shall not provide a fair decision. God is the only one who will be just for any one’s actions.

The Lord is being declared as the God of justice for his righteousness. People might do much wrong in the dark thinking that there is no one there to punish them for their bad deeds. This is absolutely false as there is a God who sees everything and will always make sure that a consequence will have to be administered.

It also means that God always gives us what we deserve in our lives. Justice does not entail only punishing for the mistakes but is about giving the people what they rightfully need. Everything that happens in our lives is exactly according to God’s plan. When we go through troubles that is what the Lord has given us as we deserve pain. The Lord only lets us have happiness in our lives as that is what is rightfully ours. Everyone gets what they exactly deserve whether it is a good thing or not for God is a God of Justice.

We are clearly assured that the day of judgement was going to come. The Lord was declared to be the judge so this means that at the end of our lives we are going to face judgement one day. He is the one who will judge us for what we do in our lives reminding us that in whatever actions we do, consequences are coming someday. This tells those who do not believe in the end of times to stay put as he is the only righteous one so he is the one who will provide justice. It means at the end of all this we will all account for our lives.

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