NIV Psalm 59.15

Verse Psalm 59.15

15 They wander about for food and howl if not satisfied.

Verse Psalm 59.15 They Wander Abou

Skylee Wong opinion on Verse Psalm 59.15 They Wander Abou

Bloodthirsty men are the evil guys out there whose desire is to harm the humble, good, and God-fearing people out there. The intentions of their hearts are fully hidden and sometimes they disguise themselves to be so kind-hearted and good. Although they hide their inner motives, it finally comes out clearly what their true selves areas they execute their plans. Evil desires cannot be hidden for long because they keep pressuring the victims to expose themselves.

One way to identify evil men in the areas of residents is to consider the true identity of people who never appreciate anything good done. Whether they are directly involved or not, they are full of envy to anyone appointed to lead others claiming they could do better if in that position. This can start as a normal conversation that materializes later into sort of an argument. Talks of this nature can happen between a group of three to four people who either live in the same compound or not.

Another way to notice the presence of such individuals in a congregation is to note the specific men who never value what you have. Someone in the group might come up with something new and descent but instead of telling the truth, they assume not to like such things. Either the color of the item, mode of making, or the style with them; just know they feel bad because they are not the ones in the possession and can’t afford them.

David is pleading with God to save him from such people since it is not easy to identify them. Most are the times they set several traps to ensnare them or cause confusion to them. People of this nature are so dangerous and can cause great damage to the entire community. They should be avoided at all costs regardless of the status levels in the communities. Whatever they do is evil and wicked because they get driven by evil motives. Nothing good and useful can come out of their mouths.

The happiness of these individuals is in doing harm and hurting others makes them happy. When they breathe in they swallow their ego and breathe out pride and envy which motivates them to keep doing evil. Persons of this kind rarely have close friends who are true to them all the time or even for some months of the year. It can be wise to avoid having close relationships with men of this nature because they are likely to influence you directly or indirectly.

As David pleaded with God to help him, all believers can be at an advantage if they choose to have a good relationship with God. Although you may not notice it, it can lead to great achievement coming around after a hedge of protection is established upon their lives. Children and old people are likely to be hurt by the evil malicious men in society. A common belief is that bad people never regret what they do or make others go through in life. Great care and wisdom are the two key things that can help you avoid being a victim of such guys.

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