NIV Psalm 64.10

Verse Psalm 64.10

10 The righteous will rejoice in the Lord and take refuge in him; all the upright in heart will glory in him!

Verse Psalm 64.10 The Righteous Wi

Martina Mills opinion on Verse Psalm 64.10 The Righteous Wi

To be righteous mean the ability to do the right thing, having no other choice apart from that. A righteous life is what the Lord has planned for every man in the world but the devil spoiled the plans because he was not happy with the creation of man. He saw man has the last creation who wanted to dominate everything God has created here on earth and he tried his best to take it away. But thanks to God who was able to sent his son Jesus to deliver us from the damnation of the devil. Devil fell as a result of his pride and won one third of the angel above by his cunny decision.

When you are righteous, rejoice in the lord because the Lord will give you whatever you ask from him. There are many benefits of righteous people, part of them are eternal life, long life, prosperity, divine wisom, divine knowledge and understanding. All these possession is for the righteous and they were know to be a blessing in the land they dwell, so no cause for alarm. So far God is with you, don't be afraid God is in your support don't give up, though you may face test or temptation but it won't be more than your capacity.

The only one whom man seek refuge from is God, no man can give refuge. Satan cannot give an ascertain refuge because he is not Omnipotent, only God is Omnipotent in nature. Many people seek Satan for refuge but later on they will be disgrace later on and will come back and meet God. Don't give Satan the privilege to be your God, you cannot serve both God and mammon. It is the lord blessing that makes rich without adding any sorrow with it. No amounts of blessing that Satan would give that won't cause problem.

If you are looking for blessing, favour, refuge, prosperity and other good things, seek God and be righteous. When you make righteousness your addiction daily then the lord will put more interest in you and fully divert his attention to you. Be holy as your God is holy nothing more, to avoid unnecessary problems then give everything to God. Don't be dominated by the flesh but let the spirit of the Lord dominate you. Flesh profit nothing but the spirit brings about life. Whence the spirit of God is leading you, then you are righteous (son or daughter of God).

Results for our obedience in the Lord with give to us eternal life which is the initial gift we are to get. Plans of the lord are good and not of evil to give a good and expected end. When you behave otherwise then the result is eternal loss because you disobey God by being unrighteous. Nothing to live for in life than to live a righteous life which can take us to eternity. Devil is trying his best to take people inheritance away from them and none of them knew this because their mind has been captured by him.

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