NIV Psalm 69.28

Verse Psalm 69.28

28 May they be blotted out of the book of life and not be listed with the righteous.

Verse Psalm 69.28 May They Be Blot

Javeon Ortega opinion on Verse Psalm 69.28 May They Be Blot

As much as the book of Life is understood differently by many people, all can agree that it's aim is to portray God's great message. It is referred to as the book of Life because it gives the purest of lives to those who read and understand it. God is the word and the word is God. He who reads the words from the book of Life gets closer to God everyday that goes by. These are the words of wise men and women who were guided by the power of the holy Spirit during the process of writing the information in the holy book.

The holy book is a medium between God and man because anyone who reads the words from it will understand what the Lord expects of him or her. It has all the information about both the beginning and end of the world. The beginning of the world is represented by happiness and creation by God, which is well explained in the book of Genesis. Even God acknowledges that man is his greatest creation because we are made in his own image. This is why he has loved us more than everything else he created to the point of giving us authority over them.

Another interesting part of the holy book is the end of it where the incidents of the end of the world are revealed. This information is meant to teach us various lessons but not to scare us. Most people have been intimidated by the words in the book of revelation but forget that it is meant to open our eyes to what will happen if we continue to sin. This is obvious that everyone who disobeys God's commandments will have to suffer eternal damnation without any mercy. It's one thing to sin, repent and try to be a better person but also a different scenario when one decides to keep sinning adamantly because God is forgiving.

This book of Life is however understood as the book where the names of the righteous are written. Every time you do something good and charitable, you will increase your chances of being written in this book of Life. Charitable work should not only be done by giving selflessly but also setting an example both morally and religiously. There are many people who have big foundations that feed the poor and house the needy and when it comes to their personal life, they are totally evil.

That won't obviously make you eligible to be in the book of Life because these charitable deeds are not done with purity of heart. Most should have heard of the book of death which is the opposite of the book of Life. This book is one for those that die before they have lost their lives physically. Some people have willingly sold their souls in order to be rich. This is a way of living as a dead person because the alive should have souls. If you decide to bind your soul to the evil forces, they you have written your name in the book of death.

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