NIV Psalm 6.9

Verse Psalm 6.9

9 The Lord has heard my cry for mercy; the Lord accepts my prayer.

Verse Psalm 6.9 The Lord Has Hear

Pearl Mccray opinion on Verse Psalm 6.9 The Lord Has Hear

These words were spoken by David as part of a prayer to the Lord. It was a cry for help, begging the Lord to look upon him with mercy. David was worn out and required strength from the Lord. His soul was weary and deeply troubled. David thought that the Lord was angry at him and was constantly wondering how long he would have to wait for God to look upon him with mercy. He had cried for so long till eyes could no longer see from the swelling. David represents so many people who have been weighed down by the problems that are faced by a large population.

Problems such as lack of money, diseases, family troubles, trials such as domestic violence among so many others. Crying through the night is not foreign for those who sit praying for a loved one to feel better. David was making a prayer in pain after how much he had been rebuked and looked down upon by enemies against him. The good book, the bible, says that the answers of the Lord are yes and amen, but there are situations in life where you pray for so long, yet there is no reply to your prayer. Does this mean that God has not heard you? Not at all. God is keen to listen to all of the prayers of his children, he has never turned a deaf ear to anyone who calls upon him in times of trouble.

Heavenly Father is not like man, a day to men is like 1000 days to the Lord. God answers prayers at the appointed time and that is why David felt some sort of relief to say that God has answered the one prayer that had tortured his heart for so long. Brothers, as well as sisters in the faith, have felt the same frustration of being on their knees daily asking for the same thing. My advice would be that it is time to change your point of view, instead of being and crying, tell God what is burdening your heart. Then begin to thank him for answered prayers, be assured that God heard you the first time. He himself said in the bible that the pain we feel can also be felt by him as we are a part of Him as much as God is a part of us. No tear that you shed has gone unaccounted for, they will be turned to moments of happiness according to God's power.

With all that said, the Lord becomes our strength when we feel weak, burdened by troubles in life. Just like David, we shall tell of the testimony of prayers being answered whether it takes a week, a month, a year, or a number of years. Be patient in the Lord for he understands that there are burdens that weigh us down, but trials are what make us strong. Diamonds are made from being put under so much pressure, the same way we come out stronger than how we started.

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