NIV Psalm 6.1

Verse Psalm 6.1

For the director of music. With stringed instruments. According to sheminith.[b] A psalm of David.1 Lord, do not rebuke me in your anger or discipline me in your wrath.

Verse Psalm 6.For The Director Of

Herbert Hanson opinion on Verse Psalm 6.For The Director Of

There are things that people are now treasuring and one of them is burnt offering. You will find that bible has opened the mind of many and that is why people are giving stringed their burnt offering. This is now done in many churches where the offering is being kept holy as it's being presented to the holy God. That is the reason the burnt offering is honored then the place to pray be held is also kept holy as this is what the bible says.

People are avoiding the wrath of God by doing what is right for him. As Christians from the verse we learn that God want us to give burnt offering. Especially if we give what is from our homesteads like the animals we rear at home then God will warmly receive them and bless other breeds. And that is the main reason that we as Christians should give offerings as we would expect to receive more from what we give.

Then it depends with what Christians give to their God. If we give God more than she requires then we will receive more that's what the bible says that it's good to choose something that's worth to your Lord. This is because he's the one who gave us everything we might have therefore taking to him offerings is like taking back to him.

Some times God may reject what we offer to him as we give offering to God then we should humble ourselves. Then before then we should beg him to accept burnt offering's so that we may receive blessing. When we are before God it's always to humble ourselves that is what God is saying than being proud as he hate the proud ones this is what we read from the bible. Those that are blessed then they start being proud instead of thanking God for the far he has brought them.

Burnt offering should be given by those that can afford lamb or bull but the holy book says that those that can't afford then they can just pray to God for forgiveness. We are taught on how we should thanks God one is by offering the other thing is by presenting gifts to him. When you offer to God then you will receive the double blessings from God. As a Christian this a teaching to all that it's good for us all to do what we read from the bible. It's the way to give us a lead on the right path that we are expected to follow as the lord want us to. And in order for us to live long then we must do what's of us by the lord. God's happiness is when he sees us doing right things then by us Christian seeking his name always.

We as Christians are too advised to take tithes to the lord apart from offering's the we should take tithes to church. This is also another way of seeking blessings from God as we give ten percent of your earnings. As this is what will make your businesses or jobs to expand due to taking tithes to God..

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