NIV Psalm 74.20

Verse Psalm 74.20

20 Have regard for your covenant, because haunts of violence fill the dark places of the land.

Verse Psalm 74.20 Have Regard For

Marlene Rutledge opinion on Verse Psalm 74.20 Have Regard For

From the bible concept of view the above statement illustrate the grace of the lord as he is the one who is the creator and merciful lord. He is the one who always be the one from the above all of the things as well as being their for all the above the all thing that have endured all the bad thing that happen to the people who are willing to obey the lord for with all the things that happen from their life. The people who obey the lord will have the almighty for they will receive the good things that will endure the all things that operates in the life.

People who are engaged to the law of the lord will have the covenant of the lord as well as being their for their people as they are blessed and encouraged to the worship the living father as do the right things as well as being the one who are the people. The God who is believed to be the creator of the almighty and as well worship him for the lord is one who is well known for the all the wonder. That he has done in the earth for they saw what the lord has done to his people as he save the world for the better. The almighty is the creator of the earth and he is also true to us for the better future.

God is the healer who is healed the people of Israel for they had endured a lot in their stay to Egypt as they were treated as slave and also they were kept captive. He is the father, the creator of earth and heaven, the one who is believed to be the father of Abraham. Isaac and Jacob as the lord attended to them and be the one who used the word of the lord as the key weapon to their life as the almighty father helped them. They were raised in the way that pleased the lord as he is true father who is always the light of the life of his people as he promoted them to come and endured. The lord is so honest for his people and he is the one who is showing as the true ways of worship as the lord is the one who operated in the only way.

Lord who loves his followers for instance he is the one who removed the Israelite from the land of captivity and taken to the promised land as promised to Abraham. The work of the lord is worthy enough for his individuals that participate in his word for all the thing he received in the institution of the lord so called the school of ministry. This only deals with the way the lord works with his followers as he showed them to walk the same way that lord operated for instance he helped majority of the lord's loved ones. We are encouraged to look for the lord as he is the true father.

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